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The symbiosis

Liberalism in symbiosis

Henri matisse, artiste francais, la danse Symbiosis : sustainable and reciprocal partnership that benefits all

From century to century, the gradual enlargement of our knowledge, gradually raised the overall level of human consciousness . The development of our taboos and our sensitivity, increases our ability to love others.

The increase in the level of consciousness, is proportional to the decrease of the primary drive. Our most violent instincts decrease, and our conscience ( moral ) increases. The duel between conscience and impulses is a marker of humanity.

The issue of dominant

As instinct dominates reason, the dominant can not access the spiritual foundation of democracy. As the drives control their consciousness, they thésauriseront wealth, privileges and powers . They abscond to the people that they should nevertheless be considered as a "sovereign" . As these impulses govern our leaders, they will make their policies and not that of the people as democracy requires. As consciousness flees at the approach of impulses, the dominant prefer violent systems to evolve. Relations of domination / submission, instead of symbiotic relationships .

This drive / awareness report, determines the choice of ideologies. Dictatorship is preferred, aristocracy, democracy, liberalism, or communism and how they are applied, according to the report. When the level of consciousness of humanity will pass over the drives, democracy will be effective . The system then will emphasize universality, peace, solidarity, sharing, brotherhood and equality. To my mind, the next step in the great rise of ideologies will commensalism or symbiosis (pending osmosis) .

Philosophy of man to man

From autocracy to osmosis through the symbiosis

Vieille femme noire americainecommensalism

Commensalism is a combination of different species that live so that one of them takes advantage of others without these suffer a disadvantage. Commensalism is different from parasitism.

the symbiosis

Symbiosis is defined as the association between living beings to mutual benefit . They help each other to feed, protect, to give affection . In every society where love, brotherhood, understanding and friendship are praised ( and selfishness or communitarianism, repelled ), symbiotic systems emerge. This kind of human, fair, caring and universalistic relationships exist. They exist in associations such as the popular relief, universal charities, fair trade, universal mutual aid associations. They can therefore be extended to the community of nations, in other words, the whole of humanity .

Of the original paradise

This type of symbiotic society has probably already seen the day in the long history of humanity. When small groups of people were isolated in sufficient places abundant in food. In paradise without potential enemies. Under these auspices, the men were able to acquire a philosophy of life high enough to prefer harmony antagonism. We should deepen the question. Is this not the case, before the advent of industrial civilization, for example, in various islands of the Pacific Ocean in the Aboriginal world or on the continent of North America ?

Utopias of paradise

On the other hand, attempts to build an ideal society on the basis of the symbiosis, have been tempted by the utopians . The first were perverted to contact violent societies, and second, neglecting the human realities have resulted in failure.

The symbiosis as a human future

All attempts to establish small scale a better world, were doomed to failure . These abortions do not mark the lapse of the symbiotic utopia . It simply indicates that it is impossible to impose an ideal world and force before it is time to .

Democracy was invented by the Greeks. They will not have a conscious majority to truly put into practice long-term . Even philosophers like Plato, did not have time to grab the interest . For cons, the idea of democracy today glue to the overall height of the human consciousness. That's why she moved quite easily and became one of the foundations of mankind.

The delay of the dominant

Only the dominant, have not yet reached a sufficient level of consciousness to apply correctly. That is why they deviate the people as they can. That is why they divide or manipulate to achieve their purposes. But soon, the dominant have raised their consciousness at or already ranks of the people. Democracy will be finally completed, it will be accomplished . Similarly, the symbiosis is a step on the path of humanity. This worldview will prevail at their own pace and when it is time .

The human future

The idea of ​​"global harmony " is not to fall into the category of impossible utopias . In my opinion, it is the opposite of a utopia avant-garde and feasible. It represents the future of humanity . It will emerge from itself to its rate, ie the proper pace of human evolution.

The irrepressible evolution of consciousness

Despite our weaknesses, our level of awareness is increasing . There was another 50 years for a large part of humanity racial segregation was a "standard" . Today, the last segregated country fell. At present, the state racism is prohibited on the entire planet. And man ( naturally oriented towards the good ), continues to fight the very thought . Inter-group relations in progress following the progress of humanity. At the beginning of the human adventure, power impulses condemned the various communities of individuals, neutralism ( refusal to trade with the neighboring group ) or antagonism (aggressive towards abroad).

By socializing, man attains better and better to domesticate trends. Thus, international trade groups improved . Trade has replaced the raid or pillage, and forms of diplomatic contacts appeared. Today, overall, most relationships between countries are more peaceful and diplomatic . Conflicts, wars, rulers continue to disfigure the planet. But this type of event does more revenue from people. They are made ​​dominant. The man gradually tends to detach . We have certainly not yet reached a sufficient degree of awareness to practice on a global scale respectful, fair and peaceful exchanges. But the human race is heading to this irrepressible and osmotic type of symbiotic relationship .




Partout ou il y a un homme il y a la place pour un bienfait.

Je suis né pour les autres et j'en remercierais la nature, qu'elle meilleure façon avait-elle de pourvoir à mes intérêts.

Les parties sont sacrées si le tout est vénérable, donc si l'humanité est vénérable tous les hommes sont sacrés.