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Humanity is evolving towards perfection

Philosophy of History.

tonizzo jean marc photographie God, Plato and Darwin, the religion and the science and the study of the evolution of the love and the absolute happiness.

Les choses humaines semblent suivre un cours déraisonnable mais sont conformes à un plan déterminé de la nature Le philosophe Kant

We were natural primates. We are builder men. We go towards the accomplished human being.

In other words:

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

From the point of view of the physics, the universe progresses... From Darwin’s one, the living being progresses, and from the point of view of anthropology and History our specie moves on...

DarwinAccording to my philosophy, this evolution has a sense:

- On one side, it dlops gradually certain human values (brotherhood, equality, freedom, universal).
- Of other one, it devalues little by little certain behaviors inherited from our previous history primates (predation, aggressiveness, egocentricity, assertion of one at the cost of the congeners).

According to my hypothesis, this mechanism leads the spirit of the humanity towards a kind of peace of mind of emotional perfection, in other words: “of rapture ", " of supreme happiness ",” of nirvana ", “of bliss ".

This subliminal situation would correspond to the direct getting in touch between the man and the creative principle (god for the religions).

These are the main lines of my philosophy.


Plato, Kant, Freud, Spinoza...

Philosophy, science and religion will be used to guide our thoughts.

Lao tseWe shall encounter philosophy having rapture at the heart of its inspiration —: Lao Tse, Plotinus, Augustine of Hippo, Spinoza, Ibn Arabi, Pico della Mirandola…; philosophies of Enlightenment, history, commitment and psychology — Kant, Hegel, Comte, Marx, Theilhard of Chardin, Freud… ; Greek philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and his concept of “sovereign being” (ry man wants to reach the “sovereign being” — synonymous of rapture, that is, in a wider sense, the desire of human being).
We shall also lean on the sciences - Ethology, psychology, quantum physics, Darwin and his theory of evolution...

Plato, sculptureThe big religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, will not be forgotten.
Their positivist teleology and their idea of apocalypse are perfectly adapted to my point of view concerning the human future.

Finally, the big Asian spiritualities, the Hinduism, the Jainism, the Buddhism, the Taoism, the Zen, will be in perfect adequacy with my point of view because they place the awakening of the man in the center of their search (in other words the rapture, the nirvana).


Freedom, conscience and humanity

This reflection is absolutely free of any memberships.
Auto-didactic, it is connected with no religious, political, ideological, sectarian or fraternal group...
m aware of its philosophic, scientific, theological and literary deficiencies, so your criticisms and your knowledge are welcome.

Have a good reading!

Jean Marc Tonizzo

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