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The evolution of human society

bathmanThe man the human senses and society

L'inconscience a parfois des audaces que la sagesse n'a pas le pouvoir de réprimer. Gilles Lamer

Unconsciousness has sometimes daring that wisdom has no power to punish. Gilles Lamer

Previous page titled human, showed us the natural orientation of human evolution. It highlighted to our final destination. Humanity as we evolve towards perfection of love, ie to ecstasy. So far this evolution has always held intuitively * and no definite plan.

* Not that we really have conscience

We operate in the dark, not knowing our purpose. We do think for ourselves, for our family, our clan, our country or community. In fact we are working for the overall development of our species. For humanity what!

Positive and negative

Our company is progressing and is built from the great discoveries. With social innovations, technical, spiritual, scientific, ethical, philosophical, artistic. With inter-group exchanges, cross communities. It also builds on specific moments of chaos. About war, violence, doubt, anxiety, temporary regressions.

Battle of wits

Mind young and old spirit

Conflict and Competition

Blessed is he who is more concerned to have a clear conscience that full body of St. François de Sale

The rivalry and war , are actually part of the various engines unconscious evolution. Antagonism runs long, the fight between young minds and old minds. Between progressives and conservatives, "reformists " and " reactionary."

The balance of forces

A balance between these two forces, allows the company to operate in a relatively serene. The two opponents then bring their qualities and remedies the defects of the other.

Young minds prevent old ossified society spirits.

And preservatives, prevent young progressives to change too quickly humanity *.

* An image of this balance could be that the " 30 glorious years" in France

The imbalance

The imbalance between these two opposing forces arise disruption and chaos. If reactionary able to hoard all the powers, most of the time they abuse. They become deaf to any social or cultural evolution and prevents renewal. Their omnipotence rolled slowly opposition. Without opposition, their injustice and immorality go to inflation. This becomes more and more unbearable for the people. Movements are aggressive resistance. They are answered by state violence. Which led to the revolution or dictatorship.

It is the same when the "reformers" are able to take power.

Sometimes they fall into dictatorship or autocracy ( large French revolutions or the Soviet revolution ). They then remove the power - cons and "conservatives."

Sometimes they fail to maintain the evil reactionary. They are then reversed in favor of a reactionary dictatorship ( Allende overthrown by Pinochet ).

Sometimes they want to impose an ideal society but unbearable before the letter. It then ends often in the madness of a guru.

The two hegemonies, we see, inevitably lead to the same chaos.

Between being and having

Materialism and spirituality

spiritualité tonizzoA balance to be maintained

The true hero is one who gives battle with an open mind and without bias and yet lead a life of peace and freedom. Swâmi Râmdâs

Another great generator of " unconscious evolution " stems from the struggle between "spiritual " and " materialistic." Between " religion " and " secular." Again, the balance of power is a prerequisite for change in a relatively serene. If there is imbalance in (whether for the benefit of religious or materialistic ) society finds wanton. It leads naturally suffering a balanced society.

God or the market

Today, when the religious dominates the secular, it necessarily hinders social development. Welfare, surplus, cheerfulness is considered superfluous, these systems darken the lives of their citizens. Their resistance to technological progress, making them vulnerable to predation and aggression in the industrialized world.

Conversely, when the secular crushes the spirit, the company dips gradually towards the absurd and foolish. In a world without horizon, man must cling to compulsiveness. The food, drink, drugs, work, consumption, noise, TV, are some of the ways used.

The key, again, and harmony. In the balance between the material and the spiritual. In recognition of priorities (the material serves the spiritual and not the reverse).




De celui qui dans la bataille a vaincu mille milliers d'hommes et de celui qui s'est vaincu lui-même, c'est ce dernier qui est le plus grand vainqueur. Bouddha

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