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Human cruelty and perversion

From the animal to the man

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

amour-faggianiTo follow more serenely our demonstration according to which “the human evolution goes to its perfection", we beforehand have to try to explain what seems to us inexplicable. Explain why the passage between the natural customs and the cultural customs, in other words between the animal and the man, has of to carry paradoxical behaviors, like the perversion or the cruelty.

1/ The cruelty

We mean here by cruelty, the acts which permit a human being to make the other human beings suffer without the slightest empathy. Acts intended to transform some of our fellow men into slaves. The acts intended to torture deliberately to quench one’s pleasure, one’s paranoia or one’s hatred. To terrorize consciously beings or peoples, etc.

Every individual, group or power, which shows cruelty, breaks the moral and laic laws of the humanity. The cruelty is the work of a mental suffering. In my opinion, it is of a socio-pathological nature, in other words, built by the society, the family, the group. When these characters, hidden behind a superficial curtain of seduction, reach the mechanisms of the power, they transform it very often into dictatorship and they end in carnage.

2/ The perversion

By perversion, we mean all the acts determined to mistreat or to deceive others, a group or a population, while staying within the limits of the legality. It is the determination to put our congeners under our dependence without they realize it. It is the capacity to use legal ways (commercial rules, laws, security councils, etc.) to impoverish others, plunder countries and manipulate leaders, the capacity to turn human beings into slaves without caring about their existence. Corrupt, corrupt others to use them at their cost, etc.

An individual, a group or a perverse power, breaks the human morality while staying within the limits of the law. It is thus completely comfortable in the democracy, which it succeeds in corrupting if it raises itself in the top of its powers (it is the case of the market at present).

Necessary study of the low instincts

The analysis of the perverse behavior (unfamiliar to the nature even if they decline of it) is a necessity. Without this analysis, it seems difficult to perceive the positive side of the human evolution, difficult to understand the interest of our presence within the great adventure of the living.
Nevertheless, if the evolution of the humanity has a sense, the presence of the cruelty and the presence of the perversion also have a sense and we have to explain it. In this sub-chapter, we shall bring a summary explanation.

More precise reflections will be developed in the chapters about evil and perversion.


From the animal to the man

jean marc tonizzo snakeUnquestionably, the perversion or the pleasure to torture, are lacking to the rest of the animal kingdom.

On ground, offshore or in the air, the predators content with killing their preys as fast as possible, avoiding imposing them useless sufferings.
During the conflicts between dominant, the winners never use their physical superiority to torture the losers.
A wolf could break the neck of another wolf under its dominion when this one shows submission, but it does not make it. Dominant crocodiles, bulls, lions, elephants, have the means to persecute the weakest, but a more powerful instinct prevents them from doing it.

Because it is managed by this "powerful instinct", the violence of the animal kingdom ignores the perverse behaviors

This instinct (ideal director for an unconscious and devoid of morality world) we call it here: “instinct of the good“ or ”instinctive morality ".

Brief history of the morality

From the instinct of the good to the learnt morality

jean marc tonizzo sablierDuring his evolution, the man developed his consciousness. According to the emergence of this last one, the instincts lost their influence. Gradually, the foundations of this instinct, which we call instinct of the good, migrated to the consciousness. This instinct was gradually transformed into morality, into ethics and into laws.
Morality, ethics and laws are taught right from the childhood. In other words, the natural brakes of the violence left the realm of the unconscious to go to the realm of the consciousness.

At present, the man thus has to learn to limit himself his violence, to limit his violence consciously because there is no other instinct to limit it. If the moral, ethical and legislative barriers were not correctly likened by the individual, and if there is a lack of empathy, the human being can see his behaviors sinking towards the monstrous.

1/ Evolution of the morality

During our evolution, “the human morality " progressed.
Partisan and clan in the beginning, it became universal (do not treat others the way you would not want to be treated... All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights).
Religion, school, justice, through the concepts of the good and the evil, the right and the wrong, and the legal and the illegal, are the main vehicles of the human morality. Nevertheless, the education of the big moral universal rules is not enough to control the aggressive drives.

1/ The importance of the empathy

To be really effective, the big moral values have to come along with a powerful capacity in the empathy. This quality, major for the human race, needs an effective and respectful emotional framework to develop itself (maternal, paternal and brotherly love, friendship, etc.), capable of building in the child the respect for others, the love for the weak, the generosity etc. It also needs a world where do not reign the laws of the jungle (just, equalitarian, peaceful society etc.).

The family circle, the education, the circumstances of the life, can build a selfish, narcissist, racist, disdaining the weak human being, or on the contrary a generous, humble, universalist, egalitarian human being.


Cruelty, perversion or peace

iBalance des njusticesThe society and its powers

The atmosphere lived by a society depends on the place occupied by the people (democracy or dictatorship) and on the psychological character of the dominant system. A power in the hands of sociopaths, of narcissists, of rigid or of democrats, will offer completely different destinies to the society.

The sociopath or psychopath powers, in other words the deliberately criminal powers (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin), impose naturally the dictatorship to carry out their misdeeds.
The inflexible powers, like certain theocracies, also eventually establish real dictatorships and stop any progress.
The narcissistic powers, as the current world under the sweet tyranny of the market, protect all the big structures of the democracy but always spread more disparities between the dominant and the people. In other words, the narcissistic powers corrupt little by little the democracy.
The democratic powers, when they are really respectful of the democratic ethics, are, in my opinion, the best most coherent current systems with the level of consciousness reached by our specie.

From tyranny to democracy

1/ The dictatorships

A society under the influence of a criminal psychopath power, as it was the case of Nazi Germany, has strong chances to finish murdered. In the same way as a psychopath when he sinks into the crime and murders independently those whom he says he loves and those whom he says he hates, Hitler murdered his people whom he said he loved and the Jewish people, which he hated.
Obviously, it is about the system where the cruelty, the fear, the terror and the violence are for their height.

A society under the dictatorship of a narcissistic pervert, as it was the case under Mussolini, has lived the atmosphere venerated by his ruler, in this case, the Roman Empire. In other words, this society has to live the desire of conquest of a pseudo emperor, wars, and finally the decline. All this in an very fast way, because it is not more than about a remake, lived by a society which has no more the means of the empire, in a world already opened to the democracy, and in which events are lived at another speed. This type of dictatorship also pushes the cruelty to its height.

A society under the rules of a rigid power as it is very often the case in the theocratic systems, has all the chances to see its social, technical and moral condition decline towards the existing standards of living at the origin of this religion. In this social structure, the violence thus finds appreciably the degrees of cruelty of its debuts (Antique, Middle ages).

1/ The democracies

To the dictatorship corresponds the cruelty and to the democracies corresponds the perversion.

In a democratic, social, just and peaceful, a world enough spiritualized and respectful of the human beings, the degree of cruelty and perversion is relatively low. The disparities between dominant and dominated are at the lowest while the brotherhood, the solidarity and the mutual aid are extremely present, on the contrary. In this type of living environment, the education can happen around the main principles of the loyalty, the love, the harmony and the happiness.

On the other hand, when the world lives under the influence of a dominant, narcissistic and venal system (as it is case for few decades under the influence of the market) it always generates more distance between rich and poor, danger, aggressiveness, tension, stress, precariousness and unconsciousness, and then, the human group is obliged to develop faculties connected to this perverse atmosphere. And so, the world becomes more and more insensible, unwavering, rigorous, unrelenting, unable to hear and inflexible; and these qualities engender more and more perversity.

The perversion and the cruelty do not belong to the nature of the human being. They are not innate behaviors. They result from an educational type, from an ambient value system, from emotional failures, from ill-treatments, etc.

Obviously, you surely understood that it is always better to live in a democracy, even under the influence of a perverse system, than under the dictatorship of a psychopath system.

At least, we evolve little by little towards the really democratic democracies. The humanity has already the possibility of being the most universal, the most just, the most brotherly and the most equalitarian of all the species, if it gives itself the means to succeed in that way.


Eckhart maitre