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Decline of the humanity and human values

Evolution and decline,

Narcissethe human consciousness

Even if the world always evolves towards best, as we try to support on this site, the humanity suffer however punctual phases of recession and lives terrible declines. Some monstrousnesses committed for these periods, succeed even in emptying for a while the humanity from any sense.

Any evolution naturally contains periods of recession, stagnation and acceleration.

Until now, these violent episodes were necessary for the evolution of the society. They were a part of the constitution of this evolution (quite as the adolescent crisis in the development of the adult personality).

These recessions can arise from an absence of dialogue and diplomacy, from an accumulation of frustration and from injustice (it is the case of the revolts and the revolutions).

The decline is also felt after an attempt to impose too modern values or further to a period of primary dominions (oligarchy, absolute dictatorship, dictatorship).
And we can also find moments of decline in periods of transition between two types of functioning: passage from religious to laic, from national to continental, etc.

Nowadays, a lot of us (at least in the western sphere) have the justifiable feeling to be engaged in one of these periods of decline.

It is doubtless about a real decline, but it is punctual and it has a sense.

It results from big changes which the humanity has to operate in its last periods of unification and gathering.


The human adventure

The evolution towards the universal union

By observing the great adventure of the human evolution, we can easily perceive a progress towards the unification.

Indeed, having colonized most of the ground spaces, the man began a vast movement of gathering.
In a few thousand years, the humanity reached near its reunification, on the borders of a common and universal functioning.

The material form of our universalization was already conceived by the man. It is the UNO. Its diverse departments contain all the human activities: bank, education, agriculture, transport, science, culture, energy, artistic heritage, World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court, etc.

While working on the general universalization of the humanity, the man also works on a preliminary phase: the continental unification (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, US, OUA ASEAN ALENA …).

This gradual worldwide management of the technical, political, legal and social matters also comes along with a progressive secularization of the religious morality.

The secularization of the religious prohibitions is a preliminary stage in the emergence of a universal human law, a universal ethics convenient for all the communities.

Under the market’s law

Ceramique grecque, fragment, Ulysse et le chant des sirenesAny change of organization, regime, structures, engenders hazards, quantities of problems and unforeseen obstacles.

Most of the time also, the human evolution occurs in an intuitive way. For example, nobody suggested to the Greek world to gather villages for a functioning of city, then to gather cities to form a country …

This progressive universalization took place without a conscious will. It has been moved by the power of the human intuition (and, in our opinion, “following a definite plan of the nature”, following Kant’s principle).

The progressive evolution towards our unification has always been (and is still today) made in unconsciousness. Happening in an unconscious way, then it cannot avoid the excesses.

In the contemporary evolution, where a full consciousness of our common destiny would have shown to the religions the interest to join between them to help in the good progress of the globalization, the unconscious, on the contrary, maintained the religions in a state of hostility, competition, and finally impotence. They could not do anything against the educational, ecological and spiritual devastation produced by the .

Here where a full consciousness of our common destiny would have gave to the intellectuals, to the media and to the politics, methods to control an instinctively corrupting market, the unconsciousness, has mainly catch them into the moneybag of the voracious market.

The long way to the unity

Giotto, viege à l'enfantBut one needs more to stop the human evolution. The long way of the man towards its unity, do not end at any obstacle. It crushes the obstacles to pass.

When the religions cannot unify themselves to conclude the unification of the humanity (around superior values), the mechanism of the evolution decreases their influence for the benefit of the traders (because the traders can unify the humanity around lightweight values - fashion, travels, pleasure, etc.)

When the world of the media (by collusion, fear, corruption or nepotism) does not succeed any more in performing their role of defender of the democracy and people, then the artists and the citizens replace them (it is already the case with Internet, blogs, citizen TVs, etc…)

The fatality of an unconscious evolution

When it is not time for the evolution to take place in a consciousness way, it uses the unconsciousness. But obviously, any unconscious evolution generates damages to the whole society.

When a politician agrees to commit embezzlements, he chains himself up for his whole existence.
When the dominant, victims of their own narcissism, eliminate magisterially or insidiously all the opposition forces to obtain omnipotence, they eventually pay also the full price for this omnipotence.
When a journalist prefers “playing with the big boys” than respecting his ethics, he always eventually suffers from his bad image (even if he tries to hide it under insincere attitudes).
Every time a thinker turns away his eyes from the sufferings of the people, he pollutes his own consciousness.

We are what we create

By the game of a clear or a guilty conscience, the life indicates exactly which the best way to follow is. We feel guilty and have regrets when we do not listen to its language.

The current crisis of the society results from the control of the values by the market.
These values were formerly managed by the spiritual.
The values proposed by the market (wild competition, aggressiveness, compulsivity, narcissism, clan structures) are really primary drives (of previous primate history) that the humanity has to make decline.

Therefore, today, the human being under the influence of the market has to place in his top the drives fought by the humanity since millenniums and incapable to give meaning to the existence of a man.

And nevertheless, if the market and its primary and predatory system imposed upon the world, it is because it makes sense for the evolution of the humanity.

The global spirit of the human society is not still capable of adopting for its evolution a conscious, symbiotic, profitable system to all the peoples and the continents. But the humanity evolves towards its own good, also by its contradictions.

The nonsense engendered by this predatory system, strikes more and more our consciousness. Its compulsive drivings federate the criticism and oblige the humanity to unify.