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Philosophy of the human values

From the worst to the love of Sister Emmanuelle

Jeff Koons, la pantere roseThe humanity is destined to reach its perfection.


Heraclites writes: “Everything happens to the existence by the discord and the necessity”.

We can say it with other words: the discord is one of the “tools” for creating… It permits very often to make things happen to the existence. Definitely, the primary values (aggressiveness, dominion, hate, etc.) also build the humanity.

Even if we dream of a humanity of concord and peace, even if we wish it, even if we are militantly in favor of its instauration while we are still alive, a fact is undeniable: Beyond the human majority wishing only for peace, fraternity and universality, the symbiotic evolution is not still at the world’s governors’ level.

That is a fact. We say Homo sapiens (wise men) but we are still so far from the wisdom and so close to our drives…

In the absolute, it is not that critical to be only on this level of our evolution. But in fact, we have to criticize the human society to invite her to go further and further in the wisdom sense.

The perverse manipulation

The obstacles to the peaceful evolution

james bondMany things are obstacles to the concretization of a peaceful evolution.

1/ Manipulation in Occident

Nowadays in Occident, the democracies are victims of the narcissistic perversion. The politicians of integrity who have a real democratic view are most of time managed by politicians capable of transgressions and manipulations.

Frequently, the most severe dominant, the one that controls better the opportunism and the clan structures, succeeds in imposing himself in the citizen’s spirit (the market prepared the citizens for decades to elect such personalities).

James Bond, Johnson and Andreotti

Obviously, the international success of these new politicians has a sense. The narcissistic manipulative seems to be the most able to restrain mafia’s and subterranean worlds that are always most present where power is.

As we need a James Bond cold, calculator and able to everything to defeat all Mr. No, Goldfinger, Largo, Blofeld, Kahn, Renard or Gustav Graves, it seems that we need Johnsons to satisfy and restrain the criminal perverts (responsible for Kennedy’s death for example), we need Andreottis to control all the pervert powers present in mafias, politics and market, powers that succeeded in defeat moderate idealist politicians of integrity (Aldo Moro was an example of them).

Actually, the character of a large part of the world’s leaders does not offer to the humanity a complete democracy, even if it is better than other systems). This specter of democracy does not let people (supposed to be sovereign) decide for example about matters that important as war is.

And so, by a few uncouth manipulations, some powers succeed in make their people admit what is unacceptable.

By pushing the citizen’s opinion back, by transforming the television into a mean of propaganda, by manipulating or turning the opponents barely credible, the new “powerful” succeed in imposing their desire of war on people which the real interest is the peace. That’s the reason why after every war, the mass realize that they had to pay most of the broken things.

2/ Corruption in the emergent countries

In the emergent regimes, the violence frequently results from the democratic lateness. Lot of these countries are still under the control of dictatorial or oligarchic powers. Most of times, the occidental belligerents have a large responsibility on the continuation of these archaic systems. A good example is the fight between USSR and USA that annihilated the democratic development begun by Afghanistan in the 70s and reestablished the order of the clans’ chiefs. The enemy is not the same but the blindness of the dominants still keeps this country under clan structures.

When they claim they are democratic, some leaders of emergent countries just refuse the alternatives.
Keeping the attitudes of archaic models, these countries condemn their population to the oppression and to arbitrary decisions. The people are under the influence of the old relations between dominant and dominated, master and slave, which creates emotive reactions. Nevertheless, all the people are already prepared for democracy and wish it.

3/ Impotence of the UNO

There is third obstacle to the realization of the peace… it is the impotence of UNO. While a fair, supreme and universal authority will not impose itself on the human specie, the succession of the dominant empires will not stop. Nostalgic of the previous empires (without understanding their unsure position and their implacable purpose), some powers still want to make their mark as “rulers” of humanity.
They are not synchronized with the time and with the people (who wish peace). Furthermore, they obviously generate envious powers.

The repetition of this mechanism “dominant / pretender” prevents the emergence of politic structures that would be more coherent with the general human conscious. It prevents from the development of ideologies using the symbiosis, the sharing, the mutualism, the commensalisms, etc.

The perverse and bestial current evolution (which let the humanity disgusted) stimulates misbehaviors and spying ambiances (which are, as Kant understood very well, main obstacles to perpetual peace.

4/ The unsociable sociability of the human

Then, there is an obstacle that is the unsociable sociability of the human being, the wolf that a man can be for other man (Hobbes) when he has no culture enough, the old refrain of the master and the slave (Hegel): the human nature, with all its contradictions and weaknesses.
Even if they have a great interest in peace, even if they are naturally more peaceful than dominants, people are also more naïve and more easily influenced.
The perverse manipulation (when it is well disguised) succeeds easily in make their mark on the people. It manipulates first the media and then, through television, it manipulates a people not enough perverse to unmask it.
This way, the main manipulative (like the market) succeed, with no big difficulties, in making their mark on people’s spirit.
When the perverse powers are established, they stimulate the perverse side of the man (like Romans did when they institutionalized the sadism in the arenas – see Saint Augustine).

Thanks to this mechanism, for example, some manipulative narcissist governments succeed in piloting a large part of their public opinion towards the necessity of a war and sending a part of people to this war while the other part has to deceive its own soul, supporting the war or being quiet.

The dominants’ personalities

Clarifying on the psychopaths Hitler and Stalin

If we want to go over these obstacles, the first thing to do is to explain the mechanisms of the perversion. We have to actualize the invariable tools it uses to make its mark on generating so violent evolutions on people to their detriment.

This stage of thinking about psychopathology has not been realized yet.

That is the reason why there was no real explanation about the mechanisms that permitted Hitler to be the leader of a big power in such a short time. How did a so perverse system succeed in persuading a whole population to go further towards the ignominy in spite their leader has describe all his future criminal plans a long time before he committed them ?

In the same way, because of this misunderstanding, we talk about the cult of personality concerning Stalin, instead of talking about “perverse and narcissist psychopathology”.

M. L. King, Father Pierre, Sister Emmanuelle, thérésa, Gandhi

a/ About the cult of personality

gandhiCompletely confused by the media, today, people mix natural charisma up with manipulation.
The man is naturally disposed to worship personalities connected with the current values.
At the time of the wild horde, which Freud talks about, or at the time of the polytheist empires like Greek or Romans, the warrior chiefs (as pitiless as their gods) were venerated (see “the iliad” for example).
Since the big spiritualities have born, the concept of a universal, fair, kind and full of love god became a horizon. And the human beings that enlighten these superior values more are naturally chooser by the people.
That’s the reason why prophets like Moises, Buddha, Jesus and Mahomet are in the heart of milliards of human beings for millenniums. That is also the reason why the persons who fuel humanity with these spiritual and progressive values (like Gandhi, M. L. King, Sister Teresa, Father Pierre, Sister Emmanuelle) are largely in people’s hear without forcing.

These very top charismatic personalities are definitely not narcissistic at all.

They are adored for their great moral and human values. They are loved for their critic power. A worship to them seems naturally appears without they need to build it. This worship comes naturally and sometimes, it happens only after their existence.

A non-manipulated people naturally make these humanist personalities emerge.

Psychopath, narcissistic perversion

b/ The cult according to the narcissistic perversion.

The cult of personality imposed by certain dictators is completely different. This cult is completely built and manipulated. It results from a misleading propaganda. These narcissistic personalities have none of the moral qualities that permit great men to be naturally loved.

They are not positive attractors. They are not motivated by kindness, moral or bravery (Hitler writes in 1930: “Who wants to be the leader carries the most absolute authority but also the last and heaviest responsibility. The one that is incapable, or too cowardly to accept the consequences of his acts, is worth nothing as leader…” and commit suicide not to take responsibilities for his actions).
These personalities have archaic values, the same as the powerful, the injustice, the manipulation.
To assert themselves, they solicit the perverse part of the man. They make his view confused; they manipulate his exaltations and silence every critic. If it is right to say that people have the chief they deserve, it is only right when people are not manipulated.

c/ The cult according to the market

In a certain way, the market works according to the modes of the cult of personality. Its dangerous side has nothing to do with that of a dictator, that of a Stalin. Its seductive narcissism has nothing to do with the cult of personality required by the psychopaths.

The market uses mechanisms to direct people to the cult of its objects (luxury, singers, actor, money, games, etc.) such as stimulating the pervert part of people, turning the people’s view confused, manipulating their exaltations, silencing their critics, etc…

This cult uses manipulation excessively but nevertheless, it let large amplitude of freedom. We have many means to preserve us from the market’s “advices”. And even if it abuses the naives (and someday that will be condemned), we are free to consent or not to its cult.

The pressure is soft but it is even a matter of pressure.

Being and have to be

oeuvre photographique de jean marc TonizzoA kind of equilibrated unbalance seems to characterize the builder man’s psyche.

A constant tension between instinct and consciousness, between hope and doubt, peace of mind and anxiety, go with the human evolution.

This tension is the result of a fight between our animal drives and the human prohibitions. It determinates our homo-sapiens level, between the animal we were and the wise man that we will be.

This psychic unbalance results from this uneasy transformation. It betrays the painful transformation of a natural primate (expressing instinctively his drives and his aggressiveness) into a human being forced to contain these drives, to annihilate them or to adapt them to the society’s codes.

This containing of natural instincts generates a lot of pathologies (schizophrenia, neurosis, psychosis, narcissism, etc.)


The following analysis is not from a specialist.

Jean marc tonizzo oeuvre peinte, dominant_dominéTo schematize our demonstration, we are going to extract some words from their classic meaning. We will find, for example, varied pathologies in the whole humanity.

So we are going to schematize this world, called normal, into 2 groups:

1/ On one side, the neurotic world, very absorbed with prohibitions, ethics, morale and universal human values (respect of others, equality, fraternity, share, etc.). This group represents the largest part of the humanity.

2/ On the other side, the narcissistic world, very absorbed with values close to power (elitism, selfishness, clan structures, contempt for the weakest, dominion, etc.). This group represents a human minority.

These two worlds are essential for the construction of the humanity.


1/ The neurosis

jean marc tonizzo, oeuvr sur dentelle, dominant dominéThe neurosis results from the conflict between drives and prohibitions, prohibitions having an advantage over the drives. The neurosis results from the fight between the wish of expressing one’s drives (aggressiveness, dominion, sexuality) without any constraint, and the brakes that one puts on their concretization (morality, ethics, empathy, law).

That is the most common pathology and the one that is most coherent with the evolution human values.

Effectively, when the neurotic person is submitted to his primary drives, he does not let himself concretize these drives, to preserve the collectivity. He accepts to obey all the human rules instead of obeying to his drives.
In other words, the neurotic will stay rather frustrated than defy the human morality (“I rather restrain my aggressiveness to somebody even if it causes me a stomach ulcer”).

Regarding to the neurosis, the result of this conflict gives an advantage to the human rules, thus an advantage to the logic evolution of the humanity.

Most of the human beings, absorbed since their infancy with an atmosphere of ideal values, with perfect, ethical and moral behaviors, have a kind of perfect conduct as target. This ideal to be reached comes up against our daily reality.
We all are daily creators of venial sins, of little misbehaviors, of mediocrity to our fellow men.
This inglorious reality comes up against our ideal and generates in us a friction between what we are and what we would like to be. For most of us, this friction is responsible for troubles like feeling guilty, regretting, feeling anguish… In fact, these troubles are completely positive. They oblige us to be progressively better and to ameliorate constantly our behavior.


2/ The narcissism

Louise Bourgois The narcissism has a big difficulty to see others, to respect other’s point of view, especially when the other one is considered as a subordinate.

Different from the neurotic person, when the narcissistic is submitted to his primary drives, he looks for satisfying them by all means and generally succeeds in this task.

If the delinquent pathologies satisfy the psychopaths’ drives while breaking the law, the narcissism looks for satisfying its drives while staying into legal limits. It uses perversion.

Everything which exists on earth is necessary, the narcissism also is, narcissism and neurosis are very important for the human evolution, they build the worlds and make the humanity more and more perfect.

At the level of this general evolution of our specie, all the human beings have the same value. All the individuals who appear on this planet have the same fundamental importance: those who have a high propensity to help the others as well as those that have a high propensity to abuse them. Both kind of characters are thus necessary and have the same importance. If they have the same importance, theoretically we should not judge their conduct.

Nevertheless, to make the humanity better, the man has to judge his own actions and that of the others.
For evolving, we have to choose between good and evil, between generosity and selfishness, between clans and universality, humility and arrogance, etc…

If we choose the human values, we have to choose a position that is coherent with these values.

Our human values, as our human laws, guide us to choose the good rather than the evil, the share rather than the selfishness, the respect rather than the abuse, etc…
That’s the reason why we think that the neurotic state of mind is more coherent with the human evolution than the narcissistic one (capable of contravening). And that’s also the reason why it is necessary to criticize certain actions and behaviors inducted by narcissism.


Logic of the evolution

Mr chimpanzé, photographieTo transform an animal submitted to its instincts into a master of its instincts, only one method seems possible. This method (ours) includes what we call the evil.

Effectively, everything proves us that it was impossible to avoid the “negative” side of the evolution (the violence, the perversion, the theft. the war, etc.) or we had to possess, from the creation of our specie, a high-performance consciousness, ideal laws, a perfect education, superior and very implicit human values.

But all these faculties, these concepts, these values, built themselves progressively. They were born and they developed while controlling better and better our drives and our instincts.

The humanity just could not build itself another way that she did.

While all this elaboration period, the builder man finds himself between what he would like to be and what he is, between the ideal and the reality.

This fight between these two energies is the real motor of the humanity.

By generating various troubles, the energy from drives stimulates the opposite positive energy. It motivates the ideal values of justice, equality, fraternity, share, etc.

Thanks to the interdependence, this fight benefits the ideal values (wished by the majority) and thus to the detriment of selfish and aggressive values constantly fought by the humanity.

Little by little, we enter the world of aware evolution. Thanks to the psychology, to the psychoanalysis and its numerous initiators, beginning by Freud, we can now distinguish the possibility of a conscious and peaceful evolution.

Of course, this is not planned for today, but the humanity prepares little by little and surely this realization.

Thousand years of pressures and constraints about transgressing drives have been necessary to extract the man from the nature and turn him into what he is.
A certain time of containing seems still necessary before reaching a whole harmony between the human practice and its theory.

When the man will have carried out this mission, he will have finalized one of the three steps of his perfection: his behavior’s one.


In summary:

The progressive restraining of certain drives (opposite to the human values) takes part into the progressive pacification of the man.
It removes progressively in the primary psyche all the instincts urging the man to assert himself to the detriment of his congeners. To become totally respectful of others, here is the purpose.

We were natural primates, mainly instinctive. We are builder men, oscillating between the self-control or not of our instincts. And we evolve towards the carried out and blooming man, controlling our whole instincts.



“The contradiction is the root of any movement and any vital appearance; it is only as far as it contains a contradiction, as far as a thing is capable of movement, to show tendencies or impulses.” Hegel, Sciences of the logic.