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Evolution and not superiority

From the primate to the man, to the human

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

A large part of our theory is established on the comparison between our behavior and those of the "natural primates ".

If we do not want to enlarge some doubtful anthropocentrisms, this comparison needs some precision.

In spite of our excesses as regards the control of the behavior, the environment and the questioning, our specie can definitely consider as the most developed of all the primates.

If we observe the human society, in a way, the world of the culture is full of progresses that we do not find in the world of the nature.

Even if some human monstrousness attitudes exceed the animal drivings, even if many human acts ravage for a while the whole moral structures of the humanity, our specie has already reached one highly spiritualized level of socialization.

This level of socialization permits us for example millions of individuals to live in a space where some tens of chimpanzees can hardly live. The humanization also permitted to diminish considerably the number of aggressive attitudes and daily conflicts in comparison with the primate species.

This social development also improves the inter-groups meetings. It facilitates the human circulation on the whole planet.

Thanks to the speech and to the universal codes (handshake, politeness, hospitality, etc.), the humanity succeeded in suppressing the systematic confrontation between foreign individuals, existing in the nature.

Superiorities of the man

the spirit towards a superior

Superiority on our primate cousins (concerning the control of the behavior, the environment and the questioning) must be thus recognized by us. It permits us to be situated in the big ascension of the spirit towards a superior spirit, as the most successful specie in term of progress.

But it does not authorize the man to claim itself the best form of life of the creation, or the only one deserving of interest and respect.

On one hand, our position in the scale of the living is independent from our will. There is thus no pride to be in this position.

On the other hand, every form of life has a major importance for the creation.
If we accept the theory of Darwin, in the family tree of our ancestors, there are monkeys, reptiles, without whom we would not have been able to exist.

Any living form belongs to something higher and vaster: to the evolution of the living towards a superior spirit.

Therefore, there is no qualitative difference between the species. All are important for the creation. We cannot claim to be the only creature of the divine (the ignominy of some of our behavior would be enough to remind it to us).

If some of the constituents of the universe and the living were external of the divine, God would be a limited power and would lose then his absolute character.

The love as scale

Philosophy of the humanity’s evolution

The intelligence is a tool of evolution

According to mecaniqueuniverselle, the real psychic evolution of the living is emotional and not intellectual. The intelligence is a tool of evolution but is not the purpose of this evolution. In other words, the species which are most peaceful and most capable of expressing a widened love are the most evolved in the living reign.

Under this angle, a specie like the blue whale, devoid of aggressiveness, capable of loving spontaneously all congeners, capable of liking other living forms (the man for example), is doubtless better positioned than us on the evolution scale.

Our humanity has the means to reach the top of this scale. Our humanity has the necessary qualities to live this state of pure affection, absolute love and world peace. It is only necessary to surmount its drives and its negative tendencies.

The capacities of the human society

The evolution’s potential of the humanity is enormous.
The power of progress is unique in the animal kingdom.
Furthermore, the absolute love was already affected by some of our fellow men. Numerous humanity scouts lived this state (through the holiness, the wisdom, the bliss, the rapture, the nirvana).

From the moment we put the human anthropocentric pride in brackets (the pride which authorizes the man, for example, to torture the other species), all the scale of our emotional evolution is obvious. It has no comparison in the world of the primates.

If we just compare the number of conflicts, violence, attacks and fears lived daily by a chimpanzee with the relative, but already, acquired tranquility of the main contemporary people, to understand that globally, our fate is more enviable than that of our natural cousins.

It is thus a shame for the contemporary humanity (“exceptionally intelligent”) to let some "perverts" submit some of their fellow men to the violence and the chaos. It is an ignominy to let build zones of non-right where the dominated, just like in the nature, live under the fear of the arbitrary violence of the dominant.

Nevertheless, a relative tranquility is majority on earth and we owe it partially to our best capacity of controlling our drives.

Nevertheless this work of humanization needs to be finished.

Our tendencies are still consequent and we still have difficulty joining the human theory with the human practice.