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The ideal adaptation to the environment

Many ways for reducing the potential dangers ou constraints inherent to the environment

darwinLe cauchemar de DarwinThe humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Each of the human activity is irresistibly destined to improve one the three main lines of our evolution:

1/ Our control of the human behavior
2/ Our control of the environment
3/ The resolution of our questioning

After we saw in the first part of this chapter the progress of the man regarding his behavior, we are going to see now the second main human activity, the progressive control of our environment.

The adaptation. From the nature to the culture

In an instinctive way, each living specie works on adapting itself as well as it can to the environment where it lives.

This automatic search permits each living group (animal as well as vegetable) to avoid most of the external dangers and, this way, to preserve the continued existence of the specie.

By means of multiple stratagems elaborated during time (camouflage, isolation, repulsion system), the animals and the plants succeeded this way in reducing a large part of the threats of their environment.

Nevertheless, in spite of the intelligence and the beauty of the defense means elaborated by the nature, these protections are not perfect.
They did not reach the level zero in the scale of danger.

None of these natural defenses, for example, could resist to the human intelligence. They don't have the flexibility and the rapidity of the human adaptation (which is capable of inspiring on conscience, calculation and analysis).

Most of times, the other species are incapable of facing sudden changes in their environment. They are incapable of being independent from their predators or from the quirks of nature.

On the contrary, the humanity benefits from a psychic and physic particular organization.

The humanity can apprehend intellectually most of its potential dangers. It can elaborate strategies to fight these dangers and build material systems to protect from them.

Extremely reactive, our adaptation means are permanently in evolution. The perfection seems to be their only limit and we are going to try to demonstrate it in this chapter.