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Darwin and the human evolution

Philosophy and Darwinism – God and chance

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Before developing our theory about the control of environment, some precisions seem to me necessary regarding to the tools used on this site to examine the human evolution.
By choosing to lean on scientific data as the Darwinism, and by replacing the human evolution into the general evolution of the living, we could involuntary show the human phenomenon in a too much material way.
This initiative would minimize the importance of the spiritual values for the benefit of the merely ethological or biological visions.
It would doubtless result in representations empty of notions of love (in the superior meaning of the word) and of sense (capable to offer to the man an idea of his presence to the world).

If we limited ourselves to a materialist conception of the man and of Villonthe human evolution (without joining this one to a transcendental and spiritual vision), we would have sure probabilities to add our theory to a current which, unintentionally, already participates for more than two centuries to reduce gradually the man to the simple state of object (La Mettrie’s Man a Machine) with all the perversions which can result from this kind of point of view. Such an ultra-scientific vision accredits the idea of chance to the detriment of that of the fate (and the idea of fate leads more easily to the absurd). This cold way of thinking about the human destiny can also leads us to underestimate the other living species, to neglect their emotional and sentimental capacities, to ignore the deep sense of their presence and thus to normalize behaviors which a spiritual world would naturally put on the torture side (the extensive breeding is the perfect example of a meaningless world).

For the mecanique universelle, the Darwinism is fair and compatible with the idea of God

Interest of the Darwinism

Darwin – God’s tool

DarwinAs we can see, the theory of the species’ evolution (just as all theories) has two different purposes. It can dehumanize gradually the humanity or, on the contrary, give credence to the spiritual evolution of our specie. We agree with this last purpose. In our opinion, this theory (revolutionary for this period) is maybe the only one to be able to offer a logical sense to the humanity. It is also the only one to be able to demonstrate the inexorable progress of our specie towards the summits of the spirit, in other words towards “the absolute love", the rapture.

In a completely paradoxical way, the Darwinism could indeed turn out the ideal tool to demonstrate all the relevance which there is to believe in God (and thus, all the relevance of the spiritualities).

It is also doubtless, the surest way to confirm the superiority of the concept of determination on that of the chance.

Indeed, the principle of adaptation (in other words the capacity of the living organisms - individuals or species - to answer the constraints associated with the conditions and the modifications of their environment) can completely include in the vaster program of a creative principle.

DarwinAnd so, the idea of a certain chance proposed by Darwin to justify the transformation of the species, or that of Lamarck* about the adaptation of the organs, can fit into a higher purpose and a superior intention already perceived by many spiritualities.

* In every animal which has not passed the limit of its development, a more frequent and continuous use of any organ gradually strengthens, develops and enlarges that organ, and gives it a power proportional to the length of time it has been so used; while the permanent disuse of any organ imperceptibly weakens and deteriorates it, and progressively diminishes its functional capacity, until it finally disappears.

That is what we are going to try to demonstrate in the next pages of this chapter.


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