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Love, evolution and man

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Jean Michel Basquiat, portrait avec Andy WharholEven if the previous history of our species are still slightly vague to us, and even if we still miss some elements to authenticate, in a definitive way, our membership in the common-core syllabus of the natural primates, the Darwinian point of view is most generally accepted by the human thought.

According to some people, the theory of evolution of the species proposed by Charles Darwin seems incompatible with the idea of a definite world and with the idea of God.

The principle of the natural selection, the hypothesis of the evolution of the living by the best adapted, must be necessarily connected, according to them, to the idea of random, to an auto-created mechanism.

We share in no way this point of view.

For us, God and Darwin can live very well together.

The Darwinism is completely compatible with the idea of the divine. The natural selection can be very well envisaged as one of the mechanisms directing the evolution of the living to a superior spirit.

Although the coincidence is not really a part of our theory, its presence hampers not at all its development. In fact, the living could very well be subjected at chance, while having a definite purpose (quite as the victory of such or such spermatozoon cell could result from chance, but the number of sperm cells, the number of possible attempts, the number of constituted couples, etc., would bring to 100 % the chances that the specie continues). The chance then, becomes the simple tool of a definite world.

Back as regards the selection of the species, if its influence is extremely powerful on the natural world, it loses more and more authority on the cultural world. Really, the human society does not stop fighting the animal principle of the strongest enslaving the weakest.

Except some extreme and pathological cases, most of the human beings find abnormal the abuse of the dominated by the dominant. The majority of our fellow men do not claim: "shame on the loser". The empathy of the humanity being developed, they "instinctively" do the contrary: support the weakest. It is what makes of us be humanity (and the attempts intended to make us hate the oppressed never reach up to the human heart which recognizes what is right).

This new stage of the life strengthens naturally the idea that the selection of the species is only a limited instrument of the evolution of the living.

The humanity certainly arises from an animal kingdom where a system of natural selection reigns, but humanity extracted itself from this system and evolves.

To clarify this development of the living towards sensitive qualities, we shall study mainly the new things brought by our specie to the big system of the evolution.

To simplify our vocabulary, we shall contain under the term “natural primate” the animal from which we arise, and under the term “builder man" all the people composing our specie since this one is “chromosomically” constituted in a distinctive group

The human being, the humanity, the world

So, we were natural primates and we became builder men.

Between these two stages, we consider that there is "evolution". Some of these evolutions are completely evident as the loss of the pilosity, the development of the cerebral volume, the development of the language or the way to use the tool.

Other evolutions, on the contrary, are much more subtle, especially when they are about emotional and sentimental capacities as it is the case of the friendship, the family love, the relationships, the empathy etc. Considering all the living species, the humanity is the one whose development is the most significant.

The 3 biggest human progresses:

Except the rapidity of our evolution, our specie seems to be the only one to be able to:

Voluntarily check some of its tendencies,
Transform consciously its environment,
Answer all its questionings.

Behavior, environment, questioning, Here are doubtless the three main lines on which all the human actions end up.

1/ The progressive control of the behavior

This one involves activities like the law, the justice, the psychology, the sociology, the education, the morality, the social life, the technical development; it is a question of annihilating gradually in the human psyche the primate tendency to assert oneself to the detriment of others.

2/ The progressive control of the environment

It groups together all the activities of construction, research protection, expansion, purification, etc. Its purpose is to adapt better and better the man to its environment.
It is necessary to us to overcome gradually all the dangers connected to the nature and to elaborate a clean, secure and ideal world in which all the human beings can live and circulate carefree and without obstacle.

3/ The progressive control of the questioning

It groups together all the human researches, in scientific, philosophic, spiritual, esoteric, and much more fields.
Through this ceaseless quest of answers, the man has to discover the sense of the world and the meaning of his presence in such a world.

Every human action, directly or indirectly, closely or by far, works on the improvement of one of these three main subjects.

From the man to the human being:

Menschen KinderBy this long work on evolution, the humanity transforms little by little:

a natural primate ;

subjected to the hazards of the nature...

condemned to amplify at the cost of his congeners...

and ignorant of everything about his condition…

into an accomplished human;

ruler of his environment

perfectly respectful of others...

and having completely deciphered his world and the sense of his presence in such a world.
This spectacular metamorphosis of a natural primate into an accomplished human being is included in “the global evolution of the living towards a superior psyche", of whom it seems to be one of its purposes.

Today, we are in a point of this evolution, situated somewhere between the birth of the humanity and the “supreme perfection" to which it goes.