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From fear to quietness

Fear as human engine

Janice Antoni artiste plasticienne americaineTo a small thing, fear gives a long shadow Swedish proverb

Out of nothingness, human querying has become the basis of our progress.
The irresistible need to ask questions is at the origin of our rapid progressions.
Questioning (spiritual, philosophical and technical) brings every day quantity of new answers.
These responses attract us towards a fleeing horizon as we approach. This is quite an extraordinary building, a mechanism which requires major metaphysical keys to progress.
This incredible subtlety stimulates our desire to always go forward in order to understand the world.

The question of the Sense

The delicacy of its secrets, gives an idea of the intelligence of the creation; such power encourages humility and stimulates our awareness. Despite its huge capacity, the human brain still fails to solve these puzzles. The intelligence of the creation exceeds any capacity of the living.

Fear as engine

The existential anxiety

Jean Michel Basquiat artiste peintre américainCuriosity, desire, pride, is part of the great human questions agitators; but they are not alone: anxiety, fear, transmits an equivalent energy to our existential questioning. Fear is a great engine of creativity; it requires from man an intense cerebral work.
Unanswered questions are home of concern for the human mind. Who we are, from where do we come and where are we going, are sources of concern for our species. These obscurities prevent humanity to achieve serenity and quietness. The first desire of human being happiness, he must strive to solve all that puzzles.

What was there before the creation?
Is there life after death?
Is time actually there?
Why is there something rather than nothing?
What is infinity? What is emptiness?
Why has life appeared?

Each summit defeated - by religions, sciences, or philosophies - reward Humanity by its relaxing light. Any victory over the night dismisses even more, fear of our route.
Thus, the great human caravan moves toward his destiny; from answers to answers it advanced towards the ultimate truths.

The ceaseless quest

Yet, behind each secret, new mountains are visible; new peaks require to be defeated; often, a seeming close, ends in revealing the extent of our ignorance; hoped horizon, moves back constantly.
By this magic trick, the creation allows Human to understand this world better and better; slowly it leads our species to its realization.

Fear and progress

MalevitchPractical and metaphysical issues

We got most of major discoveries in “how”? Perhaps wisdom in life is to ask “why” on everything. Balzac

The huge human curiosity and the joy of solving puzzles hoisted Humanity at the degree where it is now. Our questions are of two types. Practical and metaphysical:

1 / Practical issues
Practical questioning relates to the material and tangible world. The answers allow us to adapt better to the world. They gradually move constraints out of the scope.

2 / Metaphysical questions
Metaphysical questions are related to the invisible world, the supra-sensible: Absolute, Infinite, God, Sense, the Being, the soul, the afterlife, Freedom...
Here clarifications made are designed to make our fears decrease. They have the aim of mitigating the fears and anxieties generated by the unknown and the mystery.
The dramatic nature of existential questions undermines human knowing his fatality. These deep mysteries revealed by religions, philosophies and sciences have long fed our fears: What happens to Man after his death is one of the factors unbalancing humanity.
Such concern is fundamental to our evolution. It requires Man to seek new answers to move still towards more truth.
It requires us not to be happy with what is available, to look beyond. According to John Locke, it is the decisive cause of any act of will.

From anxiety to Ecstasy

Fear: terror of the unknown?

Luis Bunuel un chien andalouAnxiety is the possibility of freedom. Kierkegaard

Fear in its opposition to human happiness, contains in it the ferments for its own disappearance. As Greek philosophers saw it well "every man wants above all to be happy" (in the Greek sense of the word and not according to the market).
By declination, if it is the desire of every man, it is also the desire of humanity. In aspiring to happiness, humanity may not stop fighting any brakes preventing it to hatch.
At the opposite of anxiety and fear, we encounter Serenity and Confidence. When the former are there, latter are not. Eliminate anxiety and tranquility will appear.
For religion as well as for philosophy, absolute quietness amounts to mystical peace of the soul. In other words, absolute quietness is a counterpart of ataraxia, tranquillity of the wise; an equivalent of ecstasy, nirvana or beatitude.
The relentless thirst to solve the enigma of the world, thus gradually leads mankind towards absolute happiness.

The magic

miguel de unamuno

L'érudition est dans beaucoup de cas une forme mal déguisée de la paresse spirituelle, ou un opium pour endormir les inquiétudes intimes de l'esprit.

Miguel de Unamuno