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Humanity and its evolution

Man and the world of knowledge

savoir, alchimie peinture représentant un alchimiste au travailUne philosophie du progrès

The individual human is essentially family, tribe, and Nation. As far as Humanity is concerned, no other humanities have yet been found around to examine it and to explain where it is going. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Here we are arrived at the end of the first chapter. Let us summarize its main lines:

  • For our “Mecanique universelle”, we are at a stage of human construction, on which we have been working without knowing it. Our evolution will extend well after us.
  • We believe that in relying on Darwinism, Man can decipher the meaning of this evolution.
  • By comparing our existence with natural primates, we can assess our progress.
  • From this comparison, three major projects (undertaken intuitively by humanity) are emerging:
  1. Control of behaviour,
  2. Environmental control,
  3. Control of the questioning.
  • These three great qualities are improving constantly.
  • Their progress will end after reaching their perfection.
    In summary, these are the main areas of our philosophy.

The tree major human progress

1 / Managing behaviour

Progressive management of behaviour is the first human endeavour... Its role is to gradually destroy the ability of man to assert oneself at the expense of its congeners; its purpose: "universal Peace".

2 / Management of the environment

Then comes the progressive control of the environment... It has for mission to gradually freed humanity from the constraints linked to nature. Its purpose is: “ideal and specific adaptation of human among all settings”.

3 / Knowledge and questioning

Finally, comes the mastery of the questioning... It allows us to gradually understand our world and the meaning of our presence in it. Its role is to free the spirit from all anxiety related to the unknown.

Humanity to bliss

Resolve the questions

riley artiste oeuvreThe highest purpose of the richness is not to make money, but to make that money enhances life. Henry Ford

Who are we?... Where do we come from?... Where are we going...?

We only have to assess the past 500 years of human progress (social, political, technical, and medical) to imagine humanity in 500 years.

1 / The shape of creation

The deployed creativity by the human species since its inception is considerable, and its future is open. Therefore, Man possesses all means to gradually illuminate all the logic of the creation. Thus, one can imagine him capable of breaking through all mysteries of substance, God, the world...
Indeed, everything seems to be done for this.

  1. The configuration of our psyche: Searching for happiness and disliking the unknown, we constantly strive to solve its puzzles.
  2. The irrepressible need to understand and to know: From fear, desire, or pleasure to know, humanity is doomed to seek to understand.
  3. The ability to accumulate and transmit knowledge: It allows us to advance our research.
  4. The genial form of riddles proposed by creation (fabulous for our player’s spirit attractor). Its mysteries to reveal little by little while revealing the depth of the chasm. The more we approach, the more it recedes. It is a real engine for human intelligence.

This world seems to be made for aware, intelligent and curious minds. The whole creation invites to seek, to understand. The constitution of the substance is a true brain excitement. The more we are moving towards its heart, the more it is going backward. It fragments more and more until leaving any materiality. Similarly to carrots for small donkeys, the creative principle calls us towards its pure intimacy.

2/ Anxiety and curiosity as engine

Far from being a handicap, the strangeness of the world is an asset for humanity.
Time is profiling before us. Research is exponentially exploding. Our interdependence and our means of communication are developing. All this accelerates the progressive solution of our major issues.
Science is set to answer the questions: where are we and who we are. Likely, it will also succeed to say where we are going. It will confirm all teleological intuitions and make right to all of the great Mystics.
As the control of behavior and the environment, the questioning solution is a matter of time. We’ll do it.
Humanity can then access an existence of tranquility, peace and happiness (an existence of nirvana, ecstasy and bliss).

But what about "evil"!

The sense of humanity is to achieve perfection.
In the next chapters, we’ll define precisely what we mean by perfection. We will see why humanity is oriented in this direction.
However, before arriving at this stage, we must first solve a terrible mystery: The secret of the presence of "evil" in humanity.
We will need to understand why there are "aberrant" human behaviours (such as murder, war, torture, genocide, racism, hatred).
How is man capable of such atrocities? Why is he cruel to the point of destroying any notion of positive development? This is the theme of the reflection of the next chapter.


Blanchot Maurice, romancier Francais 1907-2003

La vraie question n’attend pas la réponse. Et s’il y a réponse celle-ci n’apaise pas la question, et, même si elle y met fin, elle ne met pas fin à l’attente qui est la question de la question.
Toute réponse doit reprendre en elle l’essence de la question qui n’est pas éteinte par ce qui y répond.

Maurice Blanchot,

"L'entretien infini"
Spirale de Yod