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Cruelty and awareness

Philosophy of mind.

Une oeuvre de Watteau revu par l'artiste Jean Marc Tonizzocruelty

It requires both laughing, living philosopher, rule his own house, and yet we use everything we own, and never stop pronouncing formulas from the right philosophy. épicurus

In the previous chapter we studied the relationship between morality and conscience. We will focus on the relationship that may exist between the latter and the cruelty * now.

* I mean cruelty, not only perverse tendencies to hurt living beings or indirectly sponsor the suffering of living beings, but also selfishness or conscious negligence causing suffering vulnerable populations.

The question is why our species has she developed this cruelty. Why between "natural primate " and we were "human made ​​" future, perversion she hatched. Why evolution has she set forth this paradoxical conduct; wickedness, cruelty, perversity. Why are pleased to destroy it? The pleasure of suffering? Therefore, the total lack of empathy that we can be ? Why this continuation of the military or state torture?

" Conscience! conscience! Divine instinct, immortal and celestial voice guide assured of an ignorant and narrow-minded, but intelligent and free ; infallible judge of good and evil, which makes man like God, it is you who make excellence the nature and morality of his actions, without you I feel nothing for me to raise me above the beasts, the sad privilege of wandering from one error with a rule without understanding and reason without principle " Emile Rousseau.

The lyrical exaltation of Jean- Jacques Rousseau, highlights the importance of the moral conscience for the constitution of the human species. This moral faculty has released the humanity of " dark world " of nature into what it is today. It is the only major bulwark to protect themselves from this human novelty cruelty.

Cruelty and awareness


Yue Minjun, né en 1962 en Chine, artiste chinois contemporain peintre et sculpteurIf, as advocates liberalism in the business can not make sense, and if the market becomes more and more the world wide fields of business, there is necessarily in this world, fewer and fewer feelings. Jean-marc tonizzo

We can meet in the nature of behavior that resemble human cruelty *.

* the cat with a mouse, the orca with a seal..

It could make these animal behavior, the origin of our monstrosities *

* persecution, torture, perversion

In reality, these human inhumanity are the result of human evolution.

The character of cruelty

The basics of cruelty based on a particular state of mind.
A lack of empathy toward others.
Contempt for those estimated subordinates.
The desire of domination and subjugation.

It is a discriminating narcissism inked powerfully in the mind of the individual. An awareness of the world giving a narrow vision and segregationist. This posture of the individual is not innate but constructed. It is produced by a type of education. Education minimizing human values ​​( kindness, mercy, help the weak, brotherhood ). It is built by the proposed by the company etc. atmosphere. Every community, every human group, contains within it a small percentage of spirits slavery, racism, and torturers *.

* Less than 5% in my opinion, but capable by their leadership ability to influence an entire society..

A new workhorse

Each stage of human evolution leads a lot of fights. When the powerful were not subject to any law, he had to fight against the direct cruelty. Today this cruelty has evolved narcissistic perversion. A perversion able to stay in the framework of the law and use it to grow *.

* in the case of cruelty produced by neoliberalism.

This is probably the new struggle that seems important to me to carry the globe.

The new industrial slavery

A struggle against " legal industrial slavery " for example, maintained by a profiteer and unincorporated West. A West reproducing in emerging countries (China, India, Africa) industrial slavery of the nineteenth century *.

* While we expect Western patrons they struggle against this folly.

The outsourcing of torture

A fight against the outsourcing of torture by Western countries. Here's another narcissistic perversions able to stay within the law to satisfy his cruelty. It allows some Western dominant, imposing subtly torture in contemporary wars. Despising the other communities, these leaders maintain these abominable practices instead of fighting for their disappearance.

A state of mind without borders

The ability to despise and abuse some people, is a matter of individual, not class. Cruelty and perversity meet indeed in high places as in the suburbs. Among leaders as among former victims. Fortunately, the majority exalts human kindness and respect for others. In all groups, all religions, all, classes of humans have a universal vision. Consciousness and a flared open empathy. Everywhere humans struggle against all forms of injustice, all forms of segregation. Human beings struggling every day against violence, evil, slavery and torture. We see the cruelty is a matter of mindset. A problem of evolution of consciousness.

In any case, one thing is certain. Under the new human values ​​every human being, the instinct is to consider some other human beings as humanly lower bound is less than one who is able to treat all human beings as equal. In other words, segregationist, racist, slavery are the dinosaurs of the humanity. The contempt of the weak, it is archaic in a world already much further development.


the origin of cruelty

Blaise Pascal philosophe, mathématicien, physicien, inventeur, moraliste et théologien français 1623-1662

Il y a de la cruauté à tuer un homme

Blaise Pascal