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The origin of cruelty

A philosophy of violence

Enluminure médievale Adam et Eve au paradisOf conscience morale

"Awareness is always implicit morality and immorality is not always want to think they think, and to adjourn the interior judgment. Called unconscious well those who do not ask any questions of themselves to themselves. " Alain. Arts and Gods.

The presence of cruelty in humanity, blurs the image of our route. She enriched the size of nihilism and the absurd. This negative fatality overshadowed the positive evolution of our species.

The origins of human cruelty

The seeds of human cruelty are likely in nature. It probably stems from some animal behavior and mainly predators *. In both cases, the psychic organization seems the same. Aggressive instinct coupled with a lack of empathy...
A narcissistic sum overload.

* We are elements in the disease "game" with the orca sea lions for example. In the cat with its prey, or abusing a baby cheetah gazelle legs shot.

The instinct and lack of empathy.

But there is a big difference between "natural" cruelty and cultural cruelty.

The instinct condemns nature some bestiality operation. For the man is no longer the case. Culture means to overcome antisocial reflexes. It can offset the natural injustice and provide a fair and peaceful humanity framework. Moreover, our philosophy stated : humans manage to master all of its instincts. It is only a matter of time and universal decision.

Cruelty and intelligence

The question is therefore why our species fails to curb its bestiality ?
Why, on the contrary, the mind emerges, seems perverse develop these attitudes? Why humans outperforms all other species in the expression of his evil ? And finally, why, when the dominant impose their ideologies* cruelty is at its peak ?

* aristocracies, oligarchies, dictatorships, ultra liberal democracies.

We then understand all the interest there has to evolve towards a universally good governance. Ie towards true democracy and good. A democracy in which the dominant avantagent actually the greatest number. In which the conditions of the people, thrive a little bit faster than the prevailing *.

* What would gradually reduce the gap between rich and poor rather than increase, as in dictatorships and oligarchies.

The origins of violence


crocodile, portrait photographiquePsychosis, neurosis, narcissism.

The essence of the idea of ​​fair is to offer a way to sadistic cruelty decked out in the mask of justice. Bertrand Russell

Aggression is part of the natural world and we derive our origin of this world. In nature, ferocity is intended to satisfy vital needs. Eat, reproduce or defend. Violence is also used to establish hierarchies. To acquire or maintain power.

In the natural world, aggression is governed by instincts *.

* It is also limited by them.

Human violence

The primary expression of violence also exists in humans. We too, hierarchies are established often through some violence.

Physical violence when it is expressed in a primary context ( mafias, gangs, periods of war and chaos ).

" Intellectualized " violence ( abuse of power, exploitation, manipulation, etc. ) when the world is a widely cultivated.

Frustration and bypass

Gradually, human society represses physical brutality. In doing so, it forces the man to learn to control his aggression. But the repression of aggression is difficult to be borne by the individual thing. He must find a way to express From transcend or disguise.

Three scenarios are usually present :

1 / The acting out. The drive is stronger than the threat of the law. This is the crime. Most of the time, this leads to a penalty on the part of human society.

2 / frustration. The moral conscience or fear of the police are stronger than the drive. The man manages to control his violence. He transforms his aggressiveness (in constructive work ) or turned against itself. This is the principle of neurosis. Human majority in this case. This is the norm.

3 / The perversion. Aggression, violence, lust for power are powerful, but the fear of the police is stronger. The individual will then seek to express trends while remaining within the limits of the law. It will seek to circumvent the prohibitions or find legal means of expression. it will lift the wheels of power. It will use the "manipulation", the " evil ", "mental cruelty" "abuse of power"... Frustration and perversion are perfectly represented in the " My American Uncle " Alain Resnais

Bestiality of the evil

Of Cruelty to perversion

massacre de la Saint-Barthelemy par François Dubois 1529-1584Development of violence

I practice self-mockery. Derision is of interest that if we apply it to himself. Otherwise, it is cruelty. G Collomb

As the physical cruelty, mental cruelty can destroy others.

Perversion, psychological torture gradually replaced the traditional torture. The current developed shows such developments. There is of course nothing to be proud to have become the most " evil " of living species. Yet this is an evolution. Perversion handling are an improvement over the pure cruelty. Obviously these new practices are reprehensible and must be condemned and combated.

A slow evolution

By comparing the violence at the time of the Greeks with the violence in the world today, one understands softening. Comparing the cruelty of medieval societies and cruelty of contemporary democracies there also perceives the decrease.

Physical violence perversion
and perversion more violence at all

The evil and manipulation are the natural daughters of ancient bestiality. This is a necessary step in the gradual dissolution of the violence in our species. This is the last territory can grow our negative instincts before their final extinction. This is certainly the view of our philosophy. That is why today's society is more tolerant cruelty of liberalism that the cruelty of torture. Of course we must oppose all forms of cruelty are.

The intolerable as energy battle

Today, mental torture is punished less severely than physical torture. But for our descendants to come this type of cruelty is difficult to bear than the physical torture for us. Gradually humanity reduces the amount of physical violence in favor of "socialized " violence. Through this long work of compression, humanity has managed to transform a natural primate in "civilized" man. Just then project into the future to pre visualize an obvious conclusion. One day, "human made ​​" live in a liberated humanity of every perversion and violence.



Jean-Jaurès photographie portrait

Cruelty is a gesture of servitude because it certifies that the barbarity of the oppressive regime is still present in us.

Jean Jaures