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Nature of consciousness

biological or spiritual ?

Elke Krystufek artiste contemporaine autrichienneThe evolution of consciousness

As we glimpsed on the previous page, the human field of consciousness is vast.

He begins with the more or less vague feeling to exist... He pass by the distinctive consciousness of a thing ... He rises until the psychological consciousness of others ...
Then the moral and universal consciousness...
To thrive in absolute consciousness, that of ecstatic contemplation *.

* A conscience relieved of its material attachments and ego

Thus described, the different layers of consciousness, reveal a trend towards absolute. But just what is consciousness? Can we simply define it?

In the human brain

According Hoffding "it is impossible to give consciousness and its elements a description or definition since they are the basic facts that can not be reduced to nothing more simple."

In absolute terms.

In absolute terms, the Danish philosopher 's right. Be aware totals all of the individual. This is the only reality we could be sure. Being aware, we can bring our existence, body to others, to God, to creation. The course of our states of consciousness, is the only objective reality.

In this aspect, it is impossible to affirm the existence of other things outside of our conscious states. Can not say the outer reality. Consciousness is so full of possibilities. It contains everything. Including the limits beyond which nothing can be proved.

In reality.

Only to build humanity, we need to restrict this omnipotence. We must admit that there are other minds. Ie other organizations outside of ourselves. Admit the existence of the world, its rules, its laws, its values. Accepting as real externality, then our consciousness is a consciousness among others.

It's still the most logical position. Our only way To accept the rules of humanity. To be a man worthy of the name, we must believe in the reality as it presents itself to us. Must agree to play the game of life. In other words, we must accept To give body to the external reality. It is our position on mecaniqueuniverselle. A position that allows us to reflect on the phenomenon of consciousness. And then to help scientists and philosophers to define this wonderful subtlety.

What is consciousness?

Organic or abstract ?

Chéri Samba artiste peintre contemporain né en 1956 à Kinto M'Vuila, en République Démocratique du CongoTwo concepts seem to prevail when it comes to define consciousness.

Some theories are purely biological activity. Others favor a purely spiritual phenomenon. We believe that awareness is up to two orders.

In a certain way, it is the result of neuronal and synaptic agitation. Chemical activity animates certain brain areas, producing our various states of consciousness. It is therefore a neurobiological activity...

Only this neural activity depends entirely on the energy that powers it. Our neurons are agitated because they are " breast " in some ways, a "vital principle." When, for example, the energy ceases to activate our brain, all our states of consciousness disappear. And that is death.
Without this subatomic energy (quarks, electrons, ropes... ) our mind is inert.
This energy, we say here that it is " spiritual." " It trickles of divine continuous flow."

In other words, our states of consciousness arise many biological actions. But their activity depends on a spiritual energy. The origins of this mechanism may be more mystical than one would think writing Henri Bergson.

Our philosophy therefore, consciousness is a biological activity driven by a spiritual energy.

The process of consciousness

The floors of the brain

Michel-ange  Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni artiste peintre de la renaissance Italienne - le jugement dernier detail " The man is obscure to itself that is to say." Alain

The evolution of consciousness is part of the evolution of the human brain. The human brain consists of all stages of its evolution.

To clarify our reasoning, we diagrammed these steps simple and naive. The terms may be inadequate.

A construction stage

The brain of human society has not reached its current level of complexity, overnight. It is the result of the long evolution of the psyche of living. Of the bacterium, fish, reptile to, to the mammal, to humans. Each stage in the mind of a rich higher level of consciousness.

1 / Initial Energy -Amour

From all brain activity there is an energy influx. Our philosophy is that this energy is likely "spiritual " *.

* It is God

It is the leader in short, mind. This active energy and animates all the layers of our brain.

2 / Brain Cell

This energy, is a kind of cerebral base. It is equivalent to the brain of our ancestor bacteria. This archaic brain is responsible for our motor operation *

* Blood pressure, heart, digestion, respiration, reflex, etc..

This basic brain layer also supports sight, hearing, smell, touch.
It is a kind of organic consciousness. It is located below the subjective consciousness. It is connected to life itself. It offers live, feel, see, hear, simply and without reflection. It is a kind of original consciousness.

The human will has no control over this state of organic consciousness.

3 / Reptilian Brain

Above the brain " cell " is a kind of stack "reptilian" brain.
This motivates our instincts and our innate reflexes. Awareness it generates, summarizes things instinctively ( object of fear, indifference, copulation )...
This animal consciousness, gives us to see the world in terms of predator From the prey, the copulatory...

The individual may act on this level of consciousness. It can block his desire. Mastering his fear. Refrain from using others as prey. And animal well, this layer of consciousness belongs, in some way, the subjective consciousness. The subject can guide if desired.

4 / mammalian brain

Above this reptilian consciousness, sets the mammal consciousness.
It is the seat of emotions, feelings, socialization, friendship, affection etc.. This area is also self- consciousness *.

* our feelings upon us.

Nevertheless, education, will, can act on it.
For example, I can definitely break any socialization ( the hermit ). I decided to develop my emotional factor. The company can help a narcissist transgressing to open to others.

5 / area control human

Inside this layer mammal, man has developed particular areas. Typical human areas.

Language, will, intelligence, aptitude and moral ethics etc.., Live in these brain areas. With these powers, the man manages to obey the moral and social rules of society. By obeying these human rules, it is granted control of mammalian and reptilian areas.

Imagine the following scene.
An individual perceives an object not belonging to him which makes him want. All conditions are met so that he could steal. Its predatory nature will push in this direction. But this impulse must also cross an area of sociability. Interpose an area where prohibited, morality, fear of the police, the sense of responsibility etc.. This brain area prevents us from performing certain actions contrary to human values​*.

* Whose flights form part

If man did not have this socializing space, his actions would be reduced to those of nature *.

* predation, wait, attack, escape, copulation, domination etc..

And the act that would result would be theft.

Fortunately, the human majority area socialization is highly developed. That is why most of us refuse to negative acts. When the small percentage who succumb to temptation, they allow the company to evolve. They help to improve the right law, punishment, care etc.. ( See chapter on evil)

6 / The human cortex

The last human stage, the cortex.

Present in other mammals, it abounds in humans. Thanks to him, our species has developed all its specificities. Art, philosophy, technology, psychology, resulting in its evolution. Its content is not innate. It is acquired. It fills in education, learning, socialization, etc. legislation. When he is not stimulated, no humanization is possible ( like the stories of feral children demonstrated ).


Le cortex humanisant

Education develops consciousness.

Emmanuel Kant, revisité par l'artiste philosophe  Jean Marc Tonizzo" The man has two ears and one tongue, to listen twice more than he speaks." Zenon.

From birth, the human being is supported by an educational system and socializing. Education builds in this malleable layer, major human faculties *.

* The language of the will, the knowledge of the forbidden, morality, laws are reaped. The intellectual and spiritual faculties, also...

Brain policeman

Humans through the cortex, the reptilian instincts are no longer acting as such. They are converted into impulses and trends. On these impulses and tendencies, the man can act.

For millennia, the " sphere of control " (the cortex) is steadily increasing. She gained more authority over the reptilian and mammalian parts.

Although my instinct wants to capture the object of my neighbor, the cortex ban me. It allows me to think about the consequences. To take account of others and thus restrain my impulse.

The big step

The major human developments also have an influence on the brain.

Technological discoveries forcing our brains to gain some control of himself *.

* Now we need to be constantly alert, focused and vigilant. Focused and vigilant in our domestic or professional work, in the street, careful to school, travel, etc..

But the greatest influence comes from the spiritual discoveries.

Major religions

This is the case for example of the contributions of monotheism and the great Asian religions.

For the first time, an " absolute love " principle became the horizon of man. It replaced the Greek gods, Roman and their attendant potential monstrosities. He brought with him the compassion, kindness and forgiveness. These new values ​​supplanted opposite concepts ( revenge, cruelty, domination, etc.. ).

An example to follow

This divine ideal became the new icon to follow.
To get closer to him, humanity was increasingly curb its primary drives. By joining with the divine, the great mystics have opened a "new neural pathway." And this royal road opens the doors of the absolute consciousness.

Conscience and absolute

Religion, ecstasy and awareness

Hinduism, Judaism etc..

Probably rooted in India and Egypt, the idea of ​​a single creative principle is widespread. This new form of divinity brought with it the concept of absolute love. Hinduism, Judaism, were the first large vehicles. With these mothers religions, these values ​​are still widely used and refined. By Platonism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, they have spread to all mankind.

From these great spirituality, the "negative" impulses were fought more virulent.

This new divine new " ideal human values" are born. The love, detachment, justice, goodness, enlightenment, generosity, ecstasy, compassion, have ceased to be exalted.

A new standard of achievement

Since 2500 years, these higher values ​​are worshiped by men. And * rare individuals able to embody, are also worshiped.

* The saints, the real heroes, sages...

Most of us are dazzled by beings capable of reflecting the goodness and justice *.

* despite the temporary exaltation values ​​unjust neo-liberalism and television

Even ironic, in the secrecy of their hearts are captivated by the great "saints" modern. Fascinated to those who manage to give up frivolities, pleasures and desires. Spellbound to these beings able to abandon a life of power and luxury for an ascetic life... Most of us are appreciative of the actions of Mother Teresa, Sister Emmanuelle, Abbé Pierre and Father Pedro.

The majority of human

These supreme virtues (love, kindness, compassion, justice) are hard to reach. Yet they serve as a beacon for humanity. This is true in the East, West Asia, America and Africa. Irresistibly drawing the human being, these fascinating values ​​inevitably trace the path of humanity towards perfection.

The mechanics of the brain

Les différentes zones du cerveau

Shema naif et artistique des differentes zones du cerveau" Consciousness is not a thing, but some form of subjective experience and objective side, a mode" J. Delecour

To understand the mechanism of evolution of consciousness, we will choose an example a little trivial.

At the root of all brain activity, have told us is the divine energy (God). His nature is love. This energy is the source of all action.

Imagine this scenario

A person sees a person of the opposite sex. His divine power drives him to act.

First case

That spontaneous desire through a poorly socialized cortex. An area slightly educated, with emotional and moral deficiencies particularly pronounced. The act that individual may become that of a predator. Sexual assault, for example.

Second scenario:

This initial energy meets along the way an area of ​​socialization "normal." A good learning rules. Emotional capacity developed. The resulting act will have every chance to be fully socialized. For example respectful seduction.

Third scenario

This first meeting energy zone socialization strong focus on libidinal repression. A considerably dampened cortex inhibition. The initial energy is then likely diverted to the idealization of the desired topic.
At that time, the original sexual appetite, is likely to be idealized. To be sublimated and transformed into poetry, novel, or work of art, for example.

Fourth scenario

Now imagine driving this highly spiritualized energy meeting areas. Areas with dry, so to speak, all pushed on instincts. Areas with dried desires, judgments, attachments *, etc..

* as is the case for the ascetic example.

In this cerebral position, the attitude of this man will be the "holy." An empty attitude of aggressiveness and drive, but filled with absolute love. The brain of the individual in this state, will be directly connected to the spiritual energy (love ). All other brain areas will be inactivated.

In summary.

Impulses to the awakening

In summary, the various layers of the human brain leads to still more humanity. This evolution is not meaningless. It marks the rise of awareness of the subjective to the objective. In this latter position, awareness, empty of its reptilian part, welcomes the world in a pure way. It is directly driven by the divine principle. This is the ecstatic state.

Being in ecstasy becomes simple and pure incarnation of the original energy.



Jules Lagneau professeur français de philosophie 1851 1894

La philosophie n'est autre chose que l'effort de l'esprit pour se rendre compte de l'évidence.

Jules Lagneau