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Philosophy of Mind

Awareness, introduction

The man the feeling of love and ecstasy

What does your conscience? You must become the man you are. Nietzsche

This chapter is entitled "conscience."

It could very well be called "spirit," as its radius of investigation is wide *.

* Large failing to be precise.

Various states of consciousness form the center of our research. they will not be alone. Other concepts such as the unconscious, the truth or the negation of others, will be examined. We also talk about biology, ethics, God, where creative energy.

Obviously, this will reflect the color of our philosophy. It will be golden sun of our favorite phrase: "humanity is evolving towards perfection." Human consciousness, will be considered as an option up and oriented its development.

Consciousness and ecstasy

Be aware, introduction

Edmund Husserl, philosophe allemandNothing tames the conscience of man, because man's consciousness is the mind of God. Victor Hugo

Consciousness several levels

The field of human consciousness is vast. It encompasses several levels. The first stage corresponds to the simple fact of being conscious of living *.

* Spontaneous and unreflective consciousness of being "life."

From this perspective, we support the cogito Descartes.Nous agree with him to say: "I think therefore i am."

But this proposal is not complete. It is even incorrect according to the definition given to the term "think."
We do not actually need to think about * "to be."

* Think about the meaning of think, create, plan.

Look and feel without thinking also of the states of consciousness. Contemplate without agitation brain, too. They are the same state of consciousness "true". The more true if we consider the epoche (suspension of judgment) as the best approach to truth.

What is consciousness ?

Substance or feeling ?

jean marc tonizzo - boxing oeuvre sur céramiqueBefore one is aware, one realizes after. Oscar Wilde

At first glance, the notion of consciousness seems easy to identify. We are aware of being aware and that should be enough to define consciousness. Yet this notion is part of complex problems. Its 'reality' rout has a long history of scientists, philosophers like.

In everyday life, we always have the feeling of being conscious. Aware of things quite clear.
I am aware of being alive. To be surrounded by things he does not seem possible to challenge the reality. See this table, this chair, this chair. Spend quality time with my friends, etc.. I am conscious of wanting to do this or that action. Want to project myself into the future, remember yesterday, feeling desires, feelings, etc..

Ordinary consciousness

The current language is constantly strengthening.....


levels of consciousness

Saint-Augustin philosophe d'Hippone

Love and do what wilt St Augustine.
The good man, though a slave, is free. City of God

St. Augustine.

Henri Bergson, philosophe Francais

Things happen as if a huge stream of consciousness had crossed the field to lead the organization and to make it an instrument of freedom. "(Spiritual energy). More precisely, it is a super-consciousness should be placed at the origin of life and its evolution, as individual human consciousness, as we ordinarily experience it, is only a particular manifestation limited in its scope and depth.

Henri Bergson