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    l'égalité suite


Narcissistic discrimination

narcisseA failure of empathy

Le malheur de l'égalité, c'est que nous ne la voulons qu'avec nos supérieurs.... H. Becque

As we have just a glimpse, fairness sometimes uses physical or intellectual inequality to abuse others. Inequalities as * possible to build humanity.
Inequalities background **, basically, is an injustice (but useful) .
* Potential differences
** Differences in treatment between individuals

Narcissistic equity

Narcissism is one of the major generators of injustice. It uses the form of inequalities for increasing inequality of funds. Using the principle of fairness ( that perverts ), he justifies his abuse and flourishes his passions *

* Humiliate or manipulate those he considers inferior ... and revere those he considers powerful.

It takes natural inequalities to inequalities background. With this in mind, justify slavery. Neglect of certain human beings. The enslavement of those he considered subhuman . Individuals whose lives are insignificant * and it may have its sandstone.

* Narcissism is considering it, mainly on earth.

Narcissism and inequality

Today, humanity instead substantive equality at the top of its moral and spiritual values. When an individual considers some of his fellows as " negligible", so he mistreats this value. Every human being who consider themselves inherently superior to others, is necessarily lower than that considered his equal and acts accordingly . Anyway, for future levels of consciousness, such a state of mind, will be considered a disease. Our descendants will be some sort of disability sensitivity. Empathic impotence . In my view, the tendency to deny the existence, properties, and the needs of others, comes primarily from narcissism.

Narcissism and humanity

Narcissistic consequences

exploitation des enfantsPsychoanalysis (Freud in particular ) is a perversion of narcissism .
This deficiency of empathy is a crucial problem for humanity.
It affects the individual and the group .
She also leads both the man and his government. Its survival, keeps alive all forms of slavery. Here as elsewhere, at any time, as in all places and to all communities.

The consequences of narcissism

Narcissism allowed ( and still allows ) the abuse of women and children by unscrupulous bosses.
The abuse of the people by discriminating elite.
The alienation of the workers by employers immoral .
Colonization abusante .
Spoliation of speech of the people in democracy.
The looting of raw materials in vulnerable countries (which flows into the misery of millions of human beings).
Arms sales to vulnerable countries ( putting the most vulnerable at the disposal of the most violent ) .
The devastation of peoples by mafias . The murder of innocents by terrorism. The embezzlement by the mainstream .
The Warrior expansionism, racism, industrial deafness to the planet . etc. . etc. .

to genocide

And of course the denial of others allowed the Holocaust. Cold decision to assassinate an entire people . It is also one of the results of narcissism ( the ability to consider others as humanly below ) . This tendency exists in the north and south, east and west . The man to man, from group to group and within-group exercises. It allows us to such abuse but allows such other abuse us . It allows our community to vent his hatred on such other community and vice versa. The narcissistic excess is the cause of hatred, cruelty, and genocide. It results from the combination of our primary instincts and our lack of education to others.

Freud and narcissism

Psychology psychoanalysis

Sigmund FreudKnowledge devalues ​​narcissism

« "Science has inflicted on the naive egoism serious denial humanity. It was found that when the earth, far from the center of the universe, as an insignificant piece of the cosmic system we can hardly represent us greatness. This first demonstration is related to us in the name of Copernicus, though the alexandrian science has already announced something similar
[ ... ]
A denial will be inflicted on the human megalomania by psychological research today which aims to show that to me is not only a master in his own house, he is reduced to simply rare and fragmentary information on what happens outside of his consciousness, in his psychic life . " Freud difficulty of psychoanalysis



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Gustave le bon

Supposer chez les autres des sentiments identiques à ceux qui nous mènent, est se condamner à ne jamais les comprendre. Gustave le Bon