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  • bien mal
    l'égalité suite

The desire for unity

The progress of equality

liberté égalité fraternitéA barometer of human evolution

A human tendencies, drives man to strive for equality. But there is a moral equal and not equal physical or talent. Individual differences between civilizations which are engines of evolution. Striving for equality, not to grade talent or delete natural qualities. It is simply to gradually reduce the "artificial" branch of injustices.

It is this long qu'opère humanity. Gradually, it reduces inequality of opportunity, origin or treatment. It reduces the inequality before the law, to school, to the disease etc. .

it is also a very good indicator to measure the evolution of power. When a government increases inequality, it can be regarded as reactionary. Ie behind the evolution. But the reactionary systems are very important for the evolution of humanity . They are even, often causing large by the reactions they raise.

The desire for equality is universal

Human majority seems to want more and more equality. In business, education, human relations, the male / female ratio, etc. .

It is therefore natural to consider the explosion of inter-individual differences in treatment, such as a decline in our evolution. This decline is perceived by the human society. It broadcasts in silence, his dose of fear in our minds.

Any regression naturally darkens the mind and soul of the human being . The man can not, in fact, understand the meaning of humanity. In contrast, the social and human progress* feed the optimism of the human. They spontaneously generate an amount of hope in the community.

* Brotherhood, equality, freedom ... freedom in the positive sense of course.

Reform, revolution or dictatorship

The decline equalities therefore naturally creates a certain degree of anxiety. This anxiety in turn causes a chain of particular reactions . Of violence among some, despair for others, critical in the third .

  • When a government equates criticism well, it is reform and the company continues to grow slowly .
  • When power is deaf to popular anxiety, two objectives are possible: dictatorship or revolution. Dictatorship led dictators killing their people. The revolution comes to overthrow their leaders.

Obviously any humanist, advocate to choose the path of reason, therefore assimilation.

Equality and freedom

Seraphine, artiste naifWhy others is our equal

Equality is the condition of freedom

The contemporary neo -liberalism emphasizes the principle of inequality. So he introduced a number of anxiety within the human community. Every man, as we said, is essential to build and indispensably different humanity. The difference in capacity is not wrong. What is wrong, however, it is the excess of inequality between individuals . What is shocking is the excessive valuation difference * between each task. What is indecent is the use of human beings as objects, etc. .

* Symbolically, the wage is raised to the level of the company to its employees love

A timely regressive liberalism

In this light, the current liberal system can be considered regressive. It highlights the differences in treatment, honor, merit or salary. He exaggerates the difference in respect or esteem between individuals, occupation, between countries and continents. Return to these oligarchies naturally generate violence. Without abolishing the differences and hierarchies conscious liberalism reduce its excess. It gradually compress the gaps, re fueling, human society * optimism .

* optimism is the first food of a changing society . She just needs to live .

The liberal option then regain its consistency (as for the "30 glorious years" for example). It ressaisirait the path of true human desire.

From the survival of liberalism

The concept of global village has raised the level of consciousness. To survive, liberalism must raise his own at the same height . The individual will take his place at the top of the hierarchy of values ​​.

  • Today we know that no one is responsible for his potential departure. In other words, excessive differential treatment is unfair
  • We are also aware of the influence of social environment on human capabilities . A big difference of treatment is still unfair.
  • We are finally aware of the need for these natural inequalities for the evolution of humanity.

Man is destined to become a lamb to man. But we are still a bit far. When you offer too much independence to the individual, it quickly becomes a wolf to his fellow . Under these conditions, the freedom given to the market today, and relatively dangerous. Without strong against - powers, it tends to bring us back to the laws of nature . Equality is a requirement of freedom. Liberty without equality is ruining itself. It generates masters. These masters by destroying the freedom of slaves, destroy their moral freedom. And this mechanism always ends up being reversed.

written in 2000



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