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God and evil

Believe in God despite evil

pestePower of love

The continuous call unjustifiable justification. Nabert

The presence of evil in humanity, is a source of nihilism . His incredible size has something to shake all religious beliefs. How indeed believe in the divine omnipotence in creation so violent ? How to join the philosophies of history when history is so morbid ? How to accept the idea of ​​a positive development and a possible perfection in such a predatory world?

Some questions to God

If God is omnipotent, why did he choose a type of evolution including the suffering and " evil "? Why do we have with the cruelty, perversion, crime and war ?

If man is a step in the evolution of life, why is it so suitable for monstrosity ? Why is it capable of such cruelty to human beings and the rest of creation ?

If evil can never be punished and virtue rewarded ever, things have any meaning ?

Why man, supposedly wise and intelligent, fails to curb evil, large archaic ?

If these questions remain unanswered, theism can not, of course, stay the course . Proponents of a loving, kind and generous to his creatures god, are then chuckle . If we do not understand evil, it is easy to listen to the merchants of negative views . Those who man is evil by nature and will remain forever.

Evil, an instrument of God

This pessimistic view is not ours. To bad we do not question the alternative of God nor His omnipotence . His presence has meaning for mankind, as the event has for the individual. When we reconcile this negative notion, we perceive all the hidden meaning . Evil will prove to be an indispensable component of the primate metamorphosis / man . His absolute necessity.

God and evil

Le CaravageEvil presence required

Evil need to fight as if it was not necessary.

But in God there is nothing done: in God, there is nothing transient, in God there is nothing tending to death. It follows that for this God does not exist. Baudelaire

Evil is not a heterogeneous human evolution room. It was quite a place in this process. Its presence does not make absurd the existence of God, on the contrary . It brightens my opinion, the logic of its existence. To transform a natural human primate, the "evil" was necessary. To pass customs animal to human functioning, our species was to prohibit certain behaviors. Legitimate behavior in nature such as predation, dominance, aggression, etc. . The human phenomenon would ask every human action on a value judgment . Describe these acts as "good " or "bad " and "good" or "evil", authorized or prohibited.

The art of judging

Discovering the art of judging, the first men started the process of humanization . Thanks to them, we can now call "human being." That existed because the judgment, the man must learn to control his so-called negative equity . This control has allowed the emergence of concentration, reflection, reason, of the law. In short, all the faculties necessary for a rapid evolution of the species.

A judge above the dominant

We owe everything to our ancestors. Thanks to them, we have reached a very high level of development. We succeeded because our previous human beings have managed to cope with their dominant. A place above their omnipotence superior judgment . God's judgment and instruments that come with it ( good and bad). With this subtlety, all-powerful chieftain was exceeded.

Therefore, the dominant were accountable to a higher power (God ) . And so, our species is output mechanisms that still manage other primates .

A permanent change

Condemning some legitimate behavior in nature, the man walked into humanity. Enriching the growing number of forbidden *, man becomes more human.

* The development of legislation, law, justice

Legislative progress is fundamental to our evolution. It gradually extinguished the ability to say to the detriment of others in mind. Obviously, the progress of the law are the work of the legislature, political and parliamentarian. But obviously they are the work of transgressing ( as we shall see in the next chapter )


the offender

Ernst wiechert

Il avait fermé les yeux pour ne pas voir le mal sur cette terre et c'est ainsi que le mal l'a trouvé, sans défense. Ernst wiechert

Spinoza Baruch

« Mais, moi, je n'accorde pas que la faute et le mal soient rien de positif, encore bien moins que quoi que ce soit puisse être ou arriver contre la volonté de Dieu. Non content d'affirmer que la faute n'est rien de positif, j'affirme en outre qu'on parle improprement et de manière anthropomorphique, quand on dit que l'homme commet une faute envers Dieu ou qu'il offense Dieu. » Spinoza