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Extreme violence

The moral instinct of morality learned.

crucifixionsCruelty, torture, genocide ...

The vocation of humanity is not suffering but joy is not the guilt of sin, but freedom of thought and shared enjoyment . Robert Misrahi

We all know the story of the great human conflict. The last century has added one of her most terrible pages . Man, he reminds us, can show sometimes an incredible cruelty. This cruelty is the result of our hard outbreak . The slow and laborious metamorphosis of a human animal .

From nature to culture

The emergence of the human species in the great chain of life has a meaning and a purpose. New acquisitions ( conscience, morality, laws, fraternity ..) are there to break some natural mechanisms. Humanity must, in fact, get rid of some " injustice " being in nature. Break free from a kind of evolution the strongest binding to abuse From lower. Stop the inevitability of predator condemned by his instinct to stop the freedom of prey ..

Instinctive morality and moral education

Nature knows no cruelty free . The violence carries with maximum savings of resources. For example, the dominant stop violence at the first sign of submission dominated . This mechanism is certainly intended to save power in the animal world. But not only . We can also see in these limiters violence, the ancestral form of our human morality.

Animal side, the dominant instinct prohibits further violence after his act of submission of the dominated .

Human side, ethics forbids us to strike for example, a man down .

For me, it's two acts are brothers. Our moral culture, takes its origin in my opinion, a kind of "natural morality."

Between the handover

Obviously, the transition from instinct to ethics is not perfect . The man lost his instinct inhibitory control but not necessarily well its cultural limiters . Especially when the moral losing influence in favor of the law as is the case today. Man finds himself a little wobbly. If it is stripped of its inhibitor instinct and not enough moralized, cruelty can emerge * .

* This is exactly the kind of people that today manufactures neoliberalism, ignoring a large part of humanity.

Here is a paradoxical situation of the transformation of a human animal .

Extreme violence

Thinking the unthinkable evil.

boschThere is always a reason that compels man to do evil. Luben Karavelov

Our difficulty, we humans, is to confront the evil which we are capable . Yet torture, cruelty, genocide must be thought if we want to heal ...

These evils result, too, of this laborious processing animal / human. Absolute evil is on the frustrations difficult compression of our primate instincts. It is the result of our educational shortcomings and our difficulty in perceiving the soul in each others. It is the result of cold intelligence, clan and void of any empathy for the other group. It follows from the misuse of progress and technology. Sometimes, it is amplified by nihilism * .

* as was the case with Nazism and communism, ideologies emptying any spiritual sense the human being into a mere instrument, an object.

> We need to consider the unthinkable pain . We must analyze the torture and genocide. We must understand and remember failing to see always resurface . Cruelty may arise from the duality between what we want to be and what is . Between the man who just wants to embody and the reality of our drives .

Combat extreme violence

Love, education, fear

paradisMay I present here the largest, most important, the most useful rule of all education? This is not to save time is to lose . J.J.Rousseau

The parade absolute evil, and any short evil exists. It is through education, fear and duty of memory.


Moral education, awareness of others, understanding the meaning, are some of our weapons. Educate to open awareness to universal brotherhood, respect abroad, the esteem of the other. This is one of the major roles of our humanity. It must be able to offer everyone an education enabling him to control his impulses .


The fear of the police is another of our strengths . Individual policeman for our individual transgressions, global policeman when genocidal intent . On the other hand, humanity must provide sufficient freedom and joy of living human beings. Enough happiness in his life, preferring to keep from confinement to freedom . This is still not the case today.

Learning to refuse unjust order

The human being must also combat cruelty fighting its justifications * .

* Recurrent also justifications " I have obeyed, I was just a cog ." It is vital to teach man to disobey immoral orders .

Humanity has to offer us, psychological and legal means to refuse an inhuman order. It should allow everyone to refuse to obey a power which does not respect the person . It must support, protect and enhance priority conscientious objectors refusing to execute a sordid order. The law article 122-4 of the Criminal Code, which states that in terms of crime against humanity command is presumed still illegal, should be a major lesson of every human .

Storage, transmission, recovery

Three things are still fundamental for further progress towards the good.

Preserve and maintain the absolute duty of memory.

Transmitted from generation to generation the memory of atrocities .

Valuing the right, make the icons of humanity.

Only at this price, we can say the following Leibniz : "evil" is necessary for the overall economy in the world . By adding that it must always be the scandal to eradicate.

The concept of sin was a step forward for humanity.
Good and evil are necessary illusions .
The evil is not free, it is the simple executor of impulses.




En se dotant des moyens de réduire les malheurs naturels, les humains ont augmenté les moyens de se faire du mal les uns aux autres. Jean Jacques rousseau


Pour moi, je suis à peu près persuadé que, parmi les philosophes, il n'y en a pas un qui pense qu'un homme pèche volontairement et fasse volontairement des actions honteuses et mauvaises ; ils savent tous au contraire que tous ceux qui font des actions honteuses et mauvaises les font involontairement, Platon. Les sophistes.


En vérité le moi rusé, le moi sans amour, qui cherche son avantage dans l'avantage du plus grand nombre, ce n'est pas à l'origine du troupeau mais son déclin.

Friedrich Nietzsche