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The Evil

A paradox to solve

A founding concept.

The greatest evil, apart from the injustice is that the perpetrator of the injustice does not pay his iniquity. Plato

Evil is a scandal as philosopher Paul Ricoeur wrote at the same time a necessity. This is a paradox. It is "necessary " to develop the company, but we must consider the need to reduce . To fight and permanently invited to regress .

The concepts of "good" and "evil" do not exist in nature. From the time our species has emerged, it has become a "humanity" . By submitting its shares to these two fundamental values ​​, the man finally reversed the habits of nature.

The necessary evil for the evolution

Why is there so much evil, while being formed by God that all theists have agreed to appoint good ? Voltaire request . But the damage to his purpose, precisely because this world is divine. It is indeed the engine of its opposite, ie, the engine well .

The presence of evil becomes evident when human behavior is observed. Most human desires above all " do good ." She wants to give the best of itself . This simple approach gives meaning to the presence of "evil." It is primarily to stimulate the emergence of beautiful lines. Is unbearable to the human being, it becomes one of the most powerful promoters of "good." And facilitators of human perfection.

Humanity can not be built otherwise than as it is built .
to go from empty to man, every step of the creation were necessary. The formation of matter and expansion. The formation of the universe and the earth . The formation and evolution of life . The formation of man and his desire for the absolute . And the appearance of evil to allow this absolute appear.

The example of Gandhi

Consider an example to illustrate our point of view.

During his stay in South Africa, the young Gandhi was living several injustices. Because he refused to remove his turban, the court did expel From Durban court. Another time, he was thrown off a train because of the color of his skin. Later still, refusing to give up her seat to a European, he was beaten by a driver.

All these attacks will naturally fall on the side of "evil." But the consequences were quite different. They led Gandhi in a fight against injustice no thank you . In other words in a fierce struggle for "good." They supported the commitment of Mahatma in the way of active nonviolence .
From evil, these injustices were finally a major driver of decolonization.

Evil must be judged too

From this angle, evil is therefore necessary for our evolution. It is necessary and yet we must feel it as useless. As being too much. We must constantly fight against its presence to gradually reduce it.

And to combat it we must analyze it, dissect it, understand all its aspects. The unjustifiable continues to call written justification Nabert.

Evil must indeed cease to be a fatality. He must no longer throw, by his mere presence, a kind of absurd shroud on humanity.

Evil, good and love

Justify the presence of unjustifiable

naifAccording to our theory, " our species evolves towards universal peace, happiness and love. In other words, it moves towards the highest good is talking about Greek philosophy. "

This is the argument put forward on this site. Only to consolidate its relevance, we must advance beyond the trap of evil. We must break the wall of this "scandal" as Paul Ricoeur calls.

We are here faced with a major problem.

How, indeed, justify the unjustifiable ? How do you explain not exonerate ? How to find reasons for this capacity to suffer his fellows ? How to explain the propensity to decide the elimination of other human beings? How to explain the ability to use his fellows like cattle ? How to legitimize the presence of man in the living, knowing the monstrosities he committed ?

And yet, if we want to eliminate the darkness " senseless " he throws in humans, we have to do . We need to explain the presence of evil. Understanding this negative value is also needed to confirm our theory.



To the introduction

Baudelaire, les Fleurs du mal

 La Nature est un temple où de vivants piliers Laissent parfoissortir de confuses paroles ; L'homme y passe à travers des forêts desymboles Qui l'observent avec des regards familiers.  »

Charles Baudelaire

Les fleurs du mal