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Good and evil

The universal values

ostracismeThe creators of humanity

Printing absurdities that sometimes plagues us is the spectacle of evil around us and in us . See a dying child, a loved one, see suffering, torture, while it hurts. Louis Millet metaphysical

Several points should be noted about good and evil .

These two concepts have no existence, in relation to one another. An action is called "evil" by comparing estimated shares "property".

Sometimes they are on time and culture . The good and evil, past or future here or elsewhere are often variable .

They touch on the top, the absolute and universal ( that you can build a universal law of the maxim of your action Kant ) . Most companies value the friendship and love and despise the killing and cruelty.

Evil is to understand the property is obvious

The concept of "property" is included at the root of humanity. It is the central pillar of our evolution. Therefore, we will focus primarily on the concept of "evil." "Evil" took the moral and universal sense * . "Evil" morally north and south. For a Hindu, an animist, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. "Evil" condemned by every human being high human values ​​. Condemned by the inuit and the golden boy, the billionaire and the ascetic. "Evil" outrageous for many of us .

* murder, injustice, cruelty, abuse of the weak, the abuse of the Earth, etc. .

A need to eliminate

Understand the harm is progress

Forced to analysis

This chapter will be dedicated to the concepts of good and evil. The sphericity of the earth and human curiosity led man to discover his world. Similarly, the strangeness of "evil" and its ravages, we require to understand to weaken . To work for the good and understand the negativity.

Oil for atheism

Naturally, the presence of evil is enough to discredit the idea of ​​an " all-loving " god. It is indeed difficult to accept the divine omnipotence and the presence of cruelty and genocide . From this perspective then evil is the best ambassador of atheism. We have to make some arguments against the legitimate arguments of atheists.

Creation can not do without difficulty .

We will then explain why the establishment would necessarily include the "evil." Why our species could not be the "natural primate " state to the "man builder" status without his presence. Why Leibniz right when he writes : "All is well in the best of all possible worlds ."

We will also explain why evil is not innate or atavistic . Therefore it follows a set of social and educational factors. Emotional neglect .. Fault education empathy .. A lack of learning frustration .. On the lack of training in morality and ethics .. Violent impulses stimulated by the company, etc. .

Finally, we have to say why human values ​​* arise from the faculty of judgment . Why not " the invention of evil" humanity could never build .

* morality, law, ethics, sociability, love of neighbor, desire to improve, although the propensity to love ...

A first approach

But this is where a brief approach. We just study its contribution to human evolution and constant decline over the centuries . Compelling evidence of its necessity, would require a careful study of each point of evolution. In my view, such a scientific and historical review will be implemented in the future. That day, the presence of evil is finally understood. The sense of humanity will also be discovered and enlighten man without hindrance .


God and evil


Pour moi, je suis à peu près persuadé que, parmi les philosophes, il n'y en a pas un qui pense qu'un homme pèche volontairement et fasse volontairement des actions honteuses et mauvaises ; ils savent tous au contraire que tous ceux qui font des actions honteuses et mauvaises les font involontairement, Les sophistes

Platon sophistes