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Nirvana, enlightenment, extinction..

Brahman, samsara state twan asi issue

bouddha -Temple bouddhique Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen

Nirvana. Govinda : Issuance and called Vertu, even Sansara and Nirvana, they are just words. There is nothing that is nirvana, there is the word " nirvana " Siddhartha

According to our philosophy, humanity towards perfection. This state of development, will include the individual, unrestricted access to ecstasy. In most Asian philosophies, ecstasy is called nirvana. The term nirvana declines from Sanskrit and means "extinction ". It fertilizes the entire Buddhist spirituality. It describes the ultimate level of spiritual elevation on the path of wisdom. In this position psychic, spirit and quality of the individual soul, is nearing perfection. In this subliminal state, tension, thoughts, intentions, fears no longer have any grip. Nirvana is the goal in most Asian spirituality (Buddhism, Zen, Taoism ).

Buddha considers the universal detachment as the solution to the universal suffering. This state can not be described, " Govinda : Issuance and called Vertu, even Sansara and Nirvana, they are just words. There is nothing that is nirvana, there is the word " nirvana ". Siddhartha.

The annihilation of desire

We attained nirvana by destroying his desires. By posting things completely. Ceasing to be, as not to be... The where there is nothing, where nothing can be entered, this is the ultimate island. I call nirvana. Complete extinction of old age and death. ".

Achieve nirvana, completes the cycle of incarnations. It embodies the issue.

Under a certain look, nirvana appears negative. It IS, when we did away with all the constituents of the ego. It appears when one is freed from all desires, all his impulses. It occurs when one has reached the absolute vacuum.
Clear any intention, the human being " in nirvana " obeys only to the requirements of the " breath of life." It complies with the only rules of the life principle. Eating, drinking, sleeping in very small quantities. Enjoy in a state of contemplation and love every moment of existence. The ecstatic somehow embodies the creative energy of the universe.

This state is not empty either. It is a haven of purity, serenity, tranquility and total and permanent inner peace.

Emptiness, enlightenment, enlightenment

In India, nirvana is also called moksha. He stands for emptiness, deliverance, enlightenment, liberation or enlightenment extinction. In Hinduism, the man, the person, the atman, is part of a whole called " Brahman ". Nirvana can join this great whole " state twan asi "... It is the fusion of atman and brahman, the realization of this identity.

The seriousness of nirvana

Underappreciated experiences

swarani, photograpjie assisThe depth ecstatic experiences

Without passion no sorrow, no desire no disappointment, no attachment no mourning. Buddha.

For over 2500 years, millions of people have experienced ecstasy. Sages of all human communities, have offered their lives to the study of these subliminal statements. A understanding of nirvana.

Next cultures, this experience is called differently, but the feeling is the same.

Buddhists call nirvana, Deliverance, Moksha, enlightenment etc..
For Judaism is the devekout for Christianity, bliss. Islamic mysticism uses the term fana, extinction, or fana - el Fanai extinction extinction.

Power wise

Each century engages thousands of human beings in this difficult quest ecstatic.
The persistence of engagement, the number of writings left by the wise, we show the importance of this investigation. The interest today neuroscience in this subliminal state, illuminates the seriousness of their experiences. Than accept the sacrifices these great mystics, illuminate the depth of their business and its meaning for humanity.

In any case, their courage certainly does not deserve the scorn they are now victim. Lightness, disbelief and disdain with which the materialist West today treats wisdom seems foolish.

The current madness, a one-time phenomenon

The world has not evolved to the present consciousness to flow back into the insane life. To rebuild what we were originally. A species subject to impulses and empty of thought.

If man acquired consciousness, reflection, projection, not to become bonobos. To plunge into an instinctual moment, worthy of our primate cousins ​​. The establishment has not released the man's nature that he installs nonsense atop his pantheon. For he worships the Porsche, stars, Rolex, dollars, or the Ferrari VIP tickets... Mankind managed to look up to heaven, not to accept the contract he plunges us on its objects. Simply replace the land lost in the middle of an infinite universe, to see the absurdity.

Market values ​​are carrots for generating insane worlds. Designed to ferry men to the charge without understanding their existence. To simply obey the authority of their instincts and powerful at the time. Obviously, this frenzied period is punctual. Humanity will not ever allow the madmen as a model.

Wisdom as future

All traditional societies have placed sages, ascetics, spiritual at the top of their hierarchy. Since the rise of capitalism, the market is trying unconsciously to reverse that order. It forces us to admire materialism. Today's increasingly alienated from the prevailing use of archetype. Intoxicated by his narcissism, the new calibration offers childish existences example. Sure to hold the key to "know exist," the market system spreads his contempt of mysticism.

In recent decades, narcissistic predator model requires human consciousness through the media. In doing so, he dismisses Human activities that provide a real sense of existence. We talk about the mystical consciousness and giving.

For thousands of great spiritual horizon of the people served. Abbé Pierre, Sister Teresa, Sister Emmanuelle long occupied the heart of the French. Then the market has become very powerful (from the fall of communism ). Its icons (sports, star, singer etc.. ) Are then entered into competition with spiritual icons. Today they took up all the space. For now, the people still place their horizons icons more or less ethical ( stars of billionaires who have conscience and the heart). But if this degradation is ongoing, they will inevitably be replaced by senseless icons. If ethics are replaced by the insane, the company will simply insane. Depending on the icons it up on the horizon, one can know the mood of a society, a nation.

The empty

Emptiness, extinction, the meaning of nirvana

Matisse, la joie de vivreThe concept of emptiness in Buddhism is derived from the concept of non- identity. First, the vacuum means the hollow space inside one thing, the lack of identity of the thing, not the absence of the thing itself. The image is that of a ball. The ball is empty, well, anything of absolute identity is lacking.
Consider the following passage from the Samyutta Nikaya : - Lord, why is it called the world empty ?
- Is that it does not exist in the world, identities and things with these identities.
- What are the things that have no identity?
Eye view image and lack of identity, or what belongs to the identity. Similarly, ear, nose, tongue, body, thoughts, their purpose and have no knowledge of either identity or what belongs to the identity. Keys to Zen thich nhat hanh


" Down here Hemaka 0, the expulsion of passionate desire cherished forms that have been seen, heard or imagined, is the immortal part of extinction. Those who have understood this, keep in mind, are completely extinct in the visible world. Appeased, attentive, they crossed the worldliness "( suttamipâta, V, 8)
All desire is an object. The beloved ( e) literature, where art, are also subjects on which door desire.
Every object has a name.

the meaning of nirvana

One can understand the true meaning of nirvana, which the Orientalists have given so many false interpretations, the term is far from being special to Buddhism as is sometimes believed, literally means " extinction of breath or agitation " therefore be a state that is not subject to any change is no change, which is finally released to the form, as well as all other accidents or links manifested existence. nirvana and the condition above individual ( that of Prajna ) and parinirvana and unconditioned state, is also used in the same sense, the terms Nivritti " extinction change or action " and Parinirvritti. - In Islamic esotericism, the corresponding terms are fana, "extinction ", and el- fana Fanai, literally " extinction extinction"

Comments and extrapolations

The relationship between market and mystical


philosophy ataraxia

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel philosophe allemand du 19ème siècle 1770-1831

La beauté, c'est la forme totale en tant qu'elle révèle la force qui l'anime ; c'est cette force elle-même, manifestée par un ensemble de formes, de mouvements indépendants et libres ; c'est l'harmonie intérieure qui se révèle dans cet accord secret des membres, et qui se trahit au dehors, sans que l'œil s'arrête à considérer le rapport des parties au tout, ni leurs fonctions ou leur enchaînement réciproque, comme le fait la science. L'unité se montre seulement à l'extérieur, comme le principe qui lie les membres. Elle se manifeste surtout par la sensibilité. Le point de vue du beau est donc celui de la pure contemplation, non celui de la raison abstraite ou de la réflexion, qui conçoit, qui analyse, compare, saisit le rapport des parties et leur destination.