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A work of art

Democratie, carte du monde démocratique

From tyranny to democracy

In this sense, one could reasonably say that any policy that any success that any form of appropriate action in the public domain, are directly piecing the worries of the common good, to righteousness - in short ) morality. Jacqueline de Romilly, the greatness of man in the age of Pericles

All democracies are not equal. Their qualities and defects also change according to the officials who are in authority . Some manipulate public opinion in their favor and outrageously dominant . But malgrès these defects, we can not confuse democracy and dictatorship * . Democracies always offer some free spaces and criticism. In dictatorships contrary, freedoms are non-existent. It remains to man the secret resistance (and at the risk of his life), to oppose it .

* this is why it is always better to live in a democracy, however imperfect, rather than a tyranny.

But if there is no comparison between a democracy and a dictatorship, you can not confuse a "true democracy" with "corrupt democracy." I call " democracy corrupt" any system which, while proclaiming democratic ruling classes allows to assert the people's expense . Any system that benefit the elite * elite at the expense of the common good .

* Not to be confused with the benevolent elites and fully aware of their role in a democracy.

In the interest of democracy

The primary interest of a democracy is to reverse the laws of nature . In this ideology, the interests of the whole outperforms some dominant. This ultra smart configuration requires its elites, she put in the service of their people became sovereign. In other words, a democracy that favors its leaders (as is the case since the 90s ) is no longer a democracy .. It is an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a bourgeoisie or aristocracy.

Current Western democracies

History will decide if the current democracies will be treated as such. In any case, since the fall of Communism, we see a slow erosion of democratic values.

" The West is democracy," hammer our media and politicians. If this were the case, the sovereignty of the people should be heard.

Citizens participate in political debates on television. This is not the case . These discussions are reserved for "elite" journalists, experts and politicians . The people, when with him, used scenery in the background, sitting on the bleachers. On the small screen, ordinary people are excluded from public debate. The people are invited to participate in games .

If we were real democracy, participatory models would bloom . The human and social commitment of the people, would be shown as an example .

Justice and law enforcement would be benevolent to citizens and harsh towards elites . They give the feeling of being primarily serving smaller and not at the service of the dominant . This is unfortunately not the case .

Public opinion would be fully informed and not manipulated.

The values of many (justice, humility, sharing, brotherhood ) are valued at the expense of elitist values ​​( venality, selfishness, individuality, aggression ) . In other words, the great choices of society should be those of the majority . Can we imagine for a moment, the human majority deciding to impose this ferocious capitalism? The people choose the wrong neoliberalism, egocentric, aggressive and elitist, in which we live "democratically" for 25 years ?

democracy fails

the best current system

jean marc tonizzo peinture cerveauDespite the failures

All the evils of democracy is more democracy remediable by E. Smith

Through many sorrows, our species gradually detaches natural organizations. The man gradually moving away from the laws of nature. It becomes more and more human. Through this evolution, humanity advance to its true freedom.

Democracy a step towards freedom.

In summary . Transposed to the nature of democratic ideology is dominated on the sovereignty of the dominant . This is the triumph of the laws of culture on the laws of nature . The victory of consciousness over instincts . In this sense, democracy is a true work of art . In fact, she manages to reverse the laws of nature, while retaining its energy ( because she knows how to use the full potential of its dominant .. unlike communism, or of its failure).

Nature without its drawbacks

In a democracy, as in our monkey cousin, a few dominant is hoisted to the top of hierarchies. Thanks to their natural qualities, these leaders have access to power. But unlike nature, when democracy is effective, the rule is not used to hoard privileges *, but to serve the people ( in the example of General De Gaulle) . In other words, the dominant instinct is preserved, but for the common good . it serves primarily to establish the sovereignty of the people (for more peaceful gasoline).

* As is the case with natural primates.

Nepotism, unconsciousness,

From these few principles, we can determine the obstacles that slow down the establishment " of a true democracy. Nepotism first. Placing strategic places lower dominant ( recruited by cronyism and clientelism ), favoritism undermines democracy . And in an open world, it is the nation back on the global chessboard . at length, by hoarding all the high hierarchies, nepotism restores social castes ( ENA, the Senate, the media, parliament, ect ., are ironing in the exclusive hands of the bourgeoisie and its typical mind. the working class has been excluded mechanically and values ​​too.) the then unconsciousness. neglecting to teach elites their true democratic role was any chance to see them behave like aristocrats . so let them degrade democracy. This is still prevents us from understanding the mechanisms of these regressions unconsciousness. When not preclude sufficient resistance to the dominant, they are increasing their power by reducing those of the people. Instinctively, they increase their privileges and are holding back the social gains of employees. If they do not encounter opposition, they intuitively organize society so as to reconstitute a new form slavery (that is exactly what has happened since the fall of communism ) .

One result of the evolution of consciousness

Humanity has failed to democracy by chance. The political philosophy of " super-natural " result of a long evolutionary process. This social organization is not functioning natural primate * .

* in which the undoubted triumph of natural authority and aggressive dominant.

Gradually, the tyrannical authority of the dominant primate, turned into human arbitrary power * .

* the clan leader, and that the ruling families, nobility of blood, revolutionary, emperors, dictators,

And evolution evolving humanity came to this wonderful human invention that is democracy . Between our animal origins and the present time, we can measure the enormous political changes accomplished . Each turn, all groups have made ​​their contribution to the building. With the inventive qualities of our predecessors, we pulled our species gradually the laws of nature. And of course still very slowly, * we move towards the laws of culture and respect.

* But surely

December 2001

democratic appearance

jacques derrida, portrait photographique en couleur

Être démocrate, ce serait agir en reconnaissant que nous ne vivons jamais dans une société assez démocratique.
Jacques Derrida