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The death penalty

The manipulated people

céramique Vallauris, oeuvre de Jean Marc TonizzoOf emotion without explanation

Depending on the formulation and the time with which we asked the people there can answer two opposite ways .
Depending on the level of analysis used by the media to treat the news items, the public will welcome them with more or less sympathetic . In sum, the level of hardness, individualism and xenophobia of a company depends on the severity level of narcissism and xenophobia its opinion leaders.

Some politicians ( eg U.S. ), justify the death penalty by arguing that it is a popular desire. In my view, this is incorrect.

If we showed him the most perverse aspects, the people would rather hostile to the death penalty.
Citizens do not require the death penalty for the death penalty . They aspire to a sense of security. And that feeling is one of the achievements of the rule of law and basic instinct of life.

The sense of security derived from social equality

This security thinkers are responsible to explain that she is not dependent on the excessive confinement or the death penalty . It depends primarily living conditions, social choices and proposed by the dominant (via film, propaganda, media) values. This sense of security is the quality of justice, means available to education, medicine, the social assistant .

All these parameters, in fact, mainly rely on the mentality of the dominant group . When leaders have no real affection for the people, when they know what role they have to stand in democracy, they can exploit it for electoral purposes .

The dominant type of flying

Manipulators know dominant play on the fears of citizens. They know how to lead them to think against their interests and against their peers. Avid dominant can impoverish the people ( without realizing they just kill their goose with the golden egg) . They can work to develop the instincts of the human at the expense of his conscience. They can lead man to favorable market dependencies etc. .

In the case of the death penalty, the powers (to hide their responsibilities ) will indeed often play on the well-known niche of fear. The analysis of these subtle manipulations ( solution to insecurity = death penalty ) and their light is not at the expense of people who have other things to do ... It is the responsibility of intellectuals and media.

Subtle intellectual and ethical exist.

Intellectuals have decoded the actual mechanics of popular support for the death penalty for a long time . Only the media have lost their educational role, fails to deal with this kind of topic . They avoid inviting these thinkers to correctly spread their analysis to the greatest number.

And finally the entire political class prefers to caress the primary reaction of the people they themselves induced . He refuses to adopt the vision decoded sociologists and researchers capable of challenging their systems and ideologies. While this manipulation allows a system to maintain the death penalty . But it maintains is nothing but a murder by vulnerable and impressionable people interposed . And this is a way to keep alive the original principle and outlaw revenge.

An injustice unleashed in the natural man a thirst for revenge, and it was often repeated that revenge is sweet . This is confirmed by the many sacrifices made ​​just for the taste, and without any intention to obtain compensation . The prospect of some fine revenge, imagined his last hour, for the centaur Nessus softens the bitterness of death, wrote Schopenhauer .

This mindset, initiated by the same power, the company brings in archaic and mythological and philosophical pre brutality . Moreover, speech, behavior and choices of power pro death penalty, are much closer to those of the wily Ulysses (pre- Socratic ) than those of Socrates or Plato .

Thinkers and people

This deafness powers against disruptive thinkers, other intellectuals ( and most publicized ) to demonstrate to the people and to his detriment. This is the case when opposed to the death penalty, they criticize the simple people who adhere to it. It would be better that they effectively address the causes ( lack of education, injustice, inequality, insecurity ), which led the people to subscribe .
These thinkers mistreat people by enclosing them in only two exits;

Either accept people suffer insecurity and violence ( when the elite have the means to overcome them ) .

Either he must bear the bad conscience to demand the death penalty for attempting to resolve the problem.

Three reasons, in my opinion, prevent the philosopher, sociologist, psychologist ... have the clout to force the power to heal the causes instead of healing the effects of confinement :

Forgetting by media scholars their first mission ( criticize systems).

Their taste for tempting market values ​​( narcissism, enrichment, honors, elitism, power ... ) putting them at odds with the mission.

And last but not least, political deafness and media censorship of the few truly critical thinkers (Bourdieu, the diplomatic world, etc. . ) .

The people, once again, in addition to physically build humanity can not handle to open the consciousness of mainstream and work at the same time, for his own safety .


Democracy and Terrorism

philosophie Péricles démocratie

Chez nous, les intellectuels n'ont plus d'influence dans la société, sauf quand ils émettent des slogans. Les intellectuels ont de l'influence en France lorsqu'ils flattent un vague politiquement correct. J F Rl