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Dictatorship and Democracy

A dictatorship is forbidden to speak

Jean marc Tonizzo peinture agress 1In bad democracy is " always cause ".

The ink of scholars is more precious than the blood of martyrs . Muhammad

natural patterns

The human organization is the result of habits of nature. For years, the human group is merely reproducing these natural systems morals. Plans giving all power to dominate. Whether the clan, the tribe, the aristocracy, empire or dictatorship, the people are subject to the dictates of some masters . As with our ape cousins ​​, says a small group at the expense of his fellows .

Higher and cultural system

And then appeared democracy. This regime ( born in Greece ), imposes relatively late in humanity. It has a few centuries at most (which is why the practice of democracy is imperfect ) . It still contains a high dose of the previous archaic . Democrats dominant use manipulation rather than force to hoard privileges, but the result is the same. Subject to impulses, human leadorat has not yet understood the sublime interests of democracy . He dresses the term but failed to embody . It will take some time, it seems to me, for he understands the philosophy of democracy. For that definitely includes the meaning and values of true democratic behavior.

Democracy necessarily leads to the challenge and the struggle between opposing camps.

a / In a classic dictatorship ( left or right) no challenge is possible . Any criticism is severely repressed. Resistance movements are doomed to imprisonment or death ( Gulag concentration camps ) . * Violence is the only way to oppose this kind of power .

* Violence dictatorships call terrorism.

b / In a functioning democracy, criticism is expressed . Even corrupt, as is currently the case, democracies provide spaces expressions. This removes the sudden legitimacy to terrorism. Movements can build defenses . And even if some democracies fail to marginalize these movements, they still have the right to exist.

Good democracies free media

Healthy democracies are noticed two things .

Freedom of tone and quality of the speakers in the debate publicized .

And the place given to the people in these televised debates .

It is at this level that should express the controversies and differences between progressive and reactionary .

Fruitful democracy, creative and ethical journalists should have free, impartial and neutral . It must have in its midst, media capable of providing the space just to everyone.

Since the investment market in the mass media, it is not really the case. The media space seems increasingly managed by star journalists, unconscious, supporters and elitist . Journalists focused on elites * to meet their new boss : the market system .

* and thus forgetting the people

Criticism is a healthy society

And we are faced with a kind of return to the aristocracy. A situation where dominant imbued themselves and narcissistic, they forget the existence of the people. The new liberals unable to listen to the suffering of the citizens, issue the following message : "You can always cause ! ". This generation (1980-2000) crowd just at his feet, democratic work already done .

Different types of reactions to oppression

This deafness to the Democratic Peoples naturally affect citizens. It creates challenges within the oppressed and forgotten groups. This challenge may then take several faces according to human characters.

Verbal abuse, racist thoughts, xenophobia.

Physical violence against oneself (alcoholism, depression, drug abuse, suicide)

Physical violence against others (terrorism, crime, sports Violence ..... )

Violence channeled and intellectualized ( event, political commitment, art criticism .... )

Obviously, remote and out of context, the best solution is obvious : it is channeled violence * .

* By exercising a moral and legal pressure on the other three forms of violence, humanity is also directed towards this type of peaceful protest.

But we also know that we are not equal to the character . While some may accept some bondage, other are not. While some may actually make channeled and reasonable criticism, others do not have the means .


philosophie Péricles démocratie

Tout démocratiseur arrivant avec un état d'esprit de pillard, se transforme en démocraticide