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Democracy and equality

The democratic ideology

Jean-marc Tonizzo. Oeuvre. untitleAn engine of equality.

In most countries, citizens have freedom of speech . But in a democracy, they still have freedom after speaking . A. Guillois

Observed overall, the democratic world today seems to offer the best conditions of life for its citizens. How this ideology is practiced, is not provided free of criticism. Democracies are obviously still imperfect. On the other hand, we sense are good, the world as a whole tends toward the political system. Human majority aspires to this fabulous system for which the people are sovereign . When not immersed in the chaos and corruption, most companies want democracy * .

* Unfortunately, the West under the law of the market, in fact against publicity.

Again and gradually extending the time scale, democracies in place to improve. They are more sophisticated and evolve positively despite some occasional regressions.

Democracy is a cornerstone of the evolution

Improving, and becoming general, democratic systems gradually lead humanity towards equality * .

* and equality naturally led to universal peace.

The sovereignty of the people

A factor equal

céramique, oeuvre de Jean Marc TonizzoThe values of the people at the top

The most dominant responsible for establishing democratic regimes, ignores philosophical hearts. The people are sovereign, its qualities must serve as a model . A democracy of good quality, must gradually lead to the dominant calibrate the people. To adjust their behavior on that of the majority, by more peaceful essence. Conscious democracy democratic issues should gradually devalue the trends prevailing . It depreciate their narcissism, their clanicité and selfishness to enhance the contrary, the social trends of the people ( kindness, humility, respect, altruism, solidarity ..)

The inexorable development of democracies

Overall, the world is constantly developing its democratic dimension . Of course, this change is not constant . Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we see, for example, a back. But it is a one-time pass, to be transcended . These democratic regression, initiated by neoliberalism the market, meaning and purpose . It allows various human societies to raise the national and continental towards the universal. Obviously, we all sense are, after years of laxity, the market must now be regulated. The dominant must humanize . We must educate and limited to allow it to offer the best in humanity.

written in 2002


philosophie Péricles démocratie

Une des raisons qui empêchent les démocraties d'émerger spontanément dans le monde, c'est la voracité de l'occident.