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Media and Democracy

The importance of counter-power

tonizzo peinture agress 3The quality of a democracy is on the quality of its journalists ..

Whoever controls the media controls the minds . Jim Morrison

Good democracy is a balance between two despotisms . On the elitist tyrannies side ( fascism, aristocracy, ultra liberalism) . They give full powers to dominant despising people. On the other hand, popular totalitarianism ( Communism, Maoism ) . They offer all the power to the people * at the expense of the elite.

* but in reality they offer the most violent of all people as the dominant power ( Stalin ) .

The harmony of democracies is fluctuating

The democratic balance is extremely unstable and precarious. Few things can cause it to tilt to one side or the other.

If the warrior aristocrat or merchant has full authority over the people we are dealing with an elitist tyranny.

If you ordered the people abusing the elites ( the Chinese Cultural Revolution, for example) we are in the presence of a popular dictatorship.

Since the 80s, for the most part, the West saw a particularly deteriorated democracy. A democracy in which the media, trade unions, intellectuals no longer protect the people of the voracity of dominant. Instead, the body is called intermediaries have become the VRP this abusante elite. Democracies are corrupt because the market has imposed on the teacher, the spiritual, the fair hero .

Manipulated democracies

So there is democracy and democracy . Democracy under the control of a manipulator narcissistic power, will do more than look. It will be found quickly in a kind of alienation chosen. Mired in a voluntary servitude, dictatorships velvet . These manipulative democracies invariably push the people to make choices against their interests. Choices to the detriment of the majority.

The manipulator systems are the children of dictatorships. They have the same goal while staying within the law. They allow some protests and some freedom while imposing their desires. But of course, a bad democracy is always preferable to a dictatorship.

Media freedom as scale

The degree of manipulation of a government is measured by its attitude towards the media. And the health of democracy depends essentially the mediator group (the media) . Its impartiality and conscience of the people. If this intermediate group promotes the interests of powerful * it transforms democratic values oligarchic values.

* This is the case for twenty years,


Development of the conflict

from physical to verbal

JudithThe media is the greatest power of our contemporary society . David Lodge

The transition from violent protest to the verbal dispute, is a stage of evolution. Against the powers - have a role to play in this step. When they deprive the people speak or do not take turns, violence increases. When giving his speech, violence decreases.

We can measure the fundamental importance of journalists, thinkers and justice in contemporary democracies. The media has become the focal point of the whole society. This is the modern agora .

The influence of mass media

Today the politician looks to the people through the media. When problems affect a silent minority, if publicized, politicians move. If the media ignore certain issues, policies do not move. This is the case for the suburbs, the homeless, prostitution, degradation of working conditions, substance abuse, strikes, etc. .. Since the 80s, the media ignore the problems of the people and therefore policies leave them worse * . The people become the victim of neglect and abandonment in turn will lose interest policies . It will also lose confidence in its journalists.

* Workers, poorly housed, exploited, undocumented, etc. .

To a journalistic ideal

Fair media

Daumier, riche et pauvres dessinhe democratic ideal

What would an ideal democracy? Its guiding chains, are attentive and caring to the people . TV benefit of journalists able to ask the people without the handle. Politicians listen to the media, hear the claims and desires of citizens. They improve the system to meet their constituents.

Manipulate parameters to the detriment of democracy and ultimately the one who manipulates .

Using a political journalists to deceive the people, involved in the development of unfair and manipulative democracy. The people always eventually perceive is the political system loses credibility . If the media helps the powerful to manipulate the people, they lose both their credibility. And the principle of communicating vessels, are the extreme parties who benefit.

* less than 50% of people trust the media today and policies

Democracy must fully emerge above the dark limbo animating the old animal organizations. The happiness of the people, requires an attitude of integrity, ethics, fair, universalist from the media. Journalists should be totally free of external and internal contingencies . Freed from political and material pressures. Freed from the industrial world as the market ...


philosophie Péricles démocratie

On ne peut pas imposer la démocratie à un peuple tout en s'accaparant ses richesses, il y a automatiquement rejet des valeurs proposées.