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The politics and democracy

Of human nature

Jean Marc Tonizzo peinture  acrylique "tu es l'âme soeur de toute chose, en dehors et au dedans de toi"Homo politicus

Demagogy democracy is that prostitution is to love. Georges Elgozy

Since the beginning of mankind, our species is composed of two major units. On one side the people, the other dominant . Over time, the dominant group has evolved. Chief horde warrior king, aristocrat, religious leader, emperor, have in turn exercised their authority * .

* Corresponding to tribal organizations, aristocratic, imperial, etc. .

Today we are in a democracy. Under this regime, the people are sovereign . It is supposed to elect the best leader and the best policy for the citizens. In theory this is, but in practice it is a different story. Today, the market took the reins of power. It was he who dominates the political consequences and by the citizens . Under his omnipotence, most democracies are undemocratic or weakly democratic.

Although human organization has made amazing progress *, Democrat world has not yet reached perfection.

* we passed from tribe to the society of nations ..

The spirits are still based on some archaic . Few politicians are able to control their superiority complex. Difficult for them to abandon their desire for omnipotence, to serve the people they are responsible.

The sovereignty of the people

Most leaders are unable to understand why the people is greater than themselves. This foundation is however a prerequisite for good democratic achievement.

Self-centeredness, pride, narcissism dominant, often keep them below consciousness. These impulses to stow the primary areas of the brain .
Areas where the rule of the secret pleasures . The intrigue, selfishness, deception, venality, elitism, the bourgeoisie, where corruption rhetoric . In addition, policies are often monopolized by the omnipresence of the elite of the moment. *

* soldiers, merchants, religious thinkers, media etc. .

Harassed by these elites, how could they devote themselves entirely to the people's business ? How simply retain the values ​​that were in politics? How to be aware of the real meaning of their mission and destiny than democracy?

The influence of market

Narcissus in power

il divo  julio AndréottiFashion is narcissism

Time idealistic, pure, compassionate, true Democrats, has not yet arrived . "Political animals," the " killers " still on top idealists.

The human organization still requires some "natural qualities" . Qualities facilitating combat corruption, manipulation, predation or clannish * . These qualities make sense in the world as it is today ( they only prevent the true democratic principles, to emerge ) .

* ( And woe to the policies to use these methods without their instinct they belong ) .

To simplify, we could say the current leaders that they need a good dose of narcissistic perversion necessary, to achieve the control group of psychopaths ( mafia, radicals, potential dictators, extreme leaders) . Only if this narcissistic strength protects the world of mafia empires, the hitlers and Mussolinis it to also its downside .

  1. It hinders the establishment of a truly democratic . Narcissism tend to overestimate self ( qualities that we attribute not own ) and a contempt of subordinate. The dominant narcissism will naturally underestimate the people instead of judging "sovereign" ( that's why some leaders saying Democrats call the people : "France d'en bas ").
  2. It imposes manipulators head each political left right confused .
  3. It transforms the ethics policy, pawn service all " narcissistic pervert " who exploits .
  4. If the leader is too natural ethics, narcissistic perversion manages to destroy his image favor of more perverse .

This situation automatically leads people to despair of seeing her condition improve . Disgusted at being forgotten or mistreated, he often ended up wanting to recall the most reactionary ideologies.

Sometimes non - narcissistic politicians rely on a narcissistic force to gain power and then manage to release its grip to apply a policy genuinely favorable to the people .

Narcissism to unify

A still dangerous world

céramique Vallauris, oeuvre de Jean Marc TonizzoThe totalitarian mind

The aggressiveness is still very high in humanity. Our companies are always amenable to relive violent flashbacks . In the last century we have sufficiently proved .

Since the end of communism, some revolting attitudes prevailing supposedly democratic, prevents us from seeing ourselves in a healthy democracy.

The mere presence of totalitarian ideologies ressuscitables, also indicates our actual position on the democratic scale. These extremist ideologies will die of themselves when our democracies will be fair and equal . Once they exceed the perversion and corruption.

The strong consistency of extremes is probably not a sign of good democratic health, as some suggest . It is rather a symptom of decline. Democracies, becoming elitist and away the values of equality and justice, are fattening extremist movements .

One could also use the up or down extreme as a barometer of change . In periods where leaders abuse of power and neglect the people, extreme pressure increases . Contrary, when the leaders are just and egalitarian, extreme deflate .

Democratic appearance

Participatory democracy

Tour de Babel, peinture de la renaissanceThe people still ignored

While in most major democracies, politicians respect the rights of citizens and accept the outcome of elections. But voting is often the only decision-making authority granted by the dominant people.

Today, the story clearly chosen liberalism to evolve. He win his fight against communism too sclerotic to win. But we are far from liberalism envisioned by philosophers and ideologists . We are far from friendly liberalism and social achievements of international trade laws . Far from protecting the weak liberal philosophies, respect people, the world and other cultures.

On the contrary, since the 80s, the new ultra-liberal mainstream, often turn inhuman . They are aggressive or contemptuous of vulnerable populations. Uninhibited, they do not hesitate to address human values ​​and achievements of the people. Democracies in the era of neo-liberalism, obey the selfish impulses and ferocious few dominant . Dominant condemned by their nature to abuse the weak, regardless of the good of the sovereign people .



Abraham Lincoln

De même que je ne voudrais pas être un esclave, je ne voudrais pas être un maître. Telle est ma conception de la démocratie. Abraham Lincoln