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The object about

Cheri Samba, le poids du monde sur le dos de l'homme africainUniversdictatureal union of minds

The world naturally tends toward unification. The form of trade, the development of law and social system naturally follow the evolution of humanity. Between the exchange inter tribal and international trade, human society has changed. She went to the traditional village to the global village. Of the tribe to the city, the country, the nation, the community of nations ( and maybe more ).

By observing how the overall history of human amalgams, an emblematic thing seems obvious. The beginnings of the universal assembly are visible through corporate globalization. In my opinion, the hardware globalization of humanity above political and social union. And the future economic and social union, precede the gathering of minds. The shallowness of liberalism allows us to unify us. The current stage of universalization takes place under the auspices of the market. Or more precisely in its diktat.

Globalization is both the process and outcome of the process that the phenomena of various kinds (economic, environmental, political... ) tend to take a proper global. Universalis

The unification of the superficial

We can measure by the great logic of human evolution. It would have been too difficult for the group of people to come together around a common ideology (communism, capitalism, socialism ). As too difficult to unite around a single spirituality. No religion wanted to blend into another. Only material values ​​(object, trade ), allow... So for the moment, the global economy, technology, fashion, mass culture... use of motor rally humanity. But the merchant is not a one-time engine that universal union. then will the political and the spiritual.

Globalization is the new face of the human adventure. Jacques Chirac



paul valery, photo portrait

Le temps du monde fini commence
Paul Valéry