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Logic of globalization

Of the tribe to the universalization

Samba wa Mbimba N’zingo Nuni Masi Ndo Mbasi dit Cheri Samba, artiste peintre congo, l'espoir fait vivre

To the absolute unity

Since few dozen millennium, humanity began a great movement gathering . From the tribe to the city, the city in the country, the country to the nation, the nation of nations (Europe, Africa, America, Asia ), which is the current stage . It is conceivable, as we began to establish the universal structures ( UN, WHO, WTO, UNESCO, etc. . ) That humanity is doomed to its total unification.

Globalization is one of the steps in this unification. The market begins to weave the universal frame exchanges . It gradually unify the world around superficial values ​​(objects, technology, music, fashion, art ... ) . He still has to improve its behavior vis -à-vis other cultures. He still has to universalize its laws and especially ... to comply .

The struggle of ideologies

Ideologies, when to them, are in combat . The current dominant system, liberalism, brought down communism. Theory communism ( equality ) was too avant-garde for our archaic consciousness. As for practice, the lack of freedom was unbearable for people who nevertheless enjoyed his social justice. Today, the capitalist system attacks all other forms of authority still practicing on the planet.

Of its current battle against other ideologies ( dictatorships, theocracy ) . This power struggle would emerge a single system and probably at first, democratic.

Towards the end of conflict ?

tonizzo, photographie, l'ouvertureThe animal life in the service of human

The evolution towards a single global system, follows a certain logic. Much closer to the innate logic and instinct than reason and conscience .

This instinct stems from natural primate behavior . Indeed, while there several dominant in a single company, there is violence and chaos. From the moment when one of them is required and takes responsibility for all the group work more peacefully . For man is the same. Whether at the level of a tribe, a city, a country, a nation, a community or humanity as a whole . Obviously, the rise of an exclusive dominant would be enough to worry about . Science fiction is full of these issues or have seen Big Brothers enslave the entire planet.

Fortunately, along with the emergence of this global order, sensitivity, awareness and law develops. These higher values ​​devalue gradually our primate tendency to abuse others. They force us to become more fair and respectful to him . And there especially the gradual emergence of democracy. For now it is still confiscated by the dominant. But gradually, people get their due, ie : their absolute sovereignty. In future, therefore, the dominant system will no longer be what it is today . It will not be a system abusing the weak and hoarding privileges . It is likely to become cooperative loyal, fair and for the good of all mankind.

The third major system to unify, the religious, spiritual .

It is also, despite appearances, facing his unit. Bonds are formed between the various communities . Their common history, as their common foundation, are more updated.


And finally, do not forget the people. Also, through tourism, immigration, protest, sport or Internet links forged internationally and work for world unification .





Antoine Rivaroli, dit Rivarol écrivain, journaliste Francais, portait peint

Le genre humain est comme un fleuve qui coule du nord au midi ; rien ne peut le faire rebrousser contre sa source. Rivarol