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the market

Market and society

jackson pollock, peintre américain, Love the cause of any action

After the fall of communism, the market has become all-powerful. This omnipotence is now a danger.

The previous chapters have enabled us to reach three conclusions:

Every action of every human being is motivated by an application or an offer of love expressed in various forms.

Every action, good or bad, eventually contribute to the positive development of the company.

The past as it has been done, should be done as well.

From these rules, it is necessary to relativize critical distributed throughout our theory. They do not target individuals but deeds. They do not try to change the past, but to draw conclusions for the present and the future.

Role and market action

"Never look men were as eager today as the art is removed from him," Rene Huyghe.

The mission of the market is to manage the production and distribution of objects.
The corporation allows us to access a certain comfort Malebranche said that it is necessary. Required to access spirituality (for peace of mind ). On the other hand, the market forging inter- community ties, is also working on our universal.

The enterprising and courageous spirit of the market is essential to build the company. But his compulsive psychology makes for dangerous times. "Qualities" that must develop a system of competition so fierce, the human abyss. Position of "market value " and " teacher" is a danger to the global mindset of the planet.

The omnipotence of the market

Men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made ​​at the shops. But as it does not exist merchants of friends, men no longer have friends. Saint- Exupery

We have given the market a kind of omnipotence within the company. This now poses a problem for mental health of the individual and democracy. The enormous influence of this system is the cause of the rapid spread of violence and senseless behavior. These aggressive behavior appeared dice the 80s and in all societies affected by market values ​​. Excessive broadcast in the media to meet the human drives, it takes a lot of bad faith to support that media violence has no influence on adults and children. Suffering, too, by the constant market dizziness, most thinkers and philosophers have ceased all criticism. They allowed the trading system to remove the people ( and values ​​) of the small screen, in favor of an elitist elite and the cult of the object...

A subtle media Boneto, analysts do not make the connection between violence perpetually broadcast by TV and the spread of violence in society. They do not even seek the reasons for the growth of the absurd and gloom in society in recent decades.

It is not sustainable that sells good quality industry. Auguste Detoeuf.

The work is a curse when you have to do for a living it only serves to line the pockets of those pigs operators. Only the work we do with pleasure by calling ennobles man. All people should be able to work this way. ( Luis Bunuel's Tristana )



market values

Peter Sloterdijk, philosophe

Les grands enfants qui voudraient mettre la main sur l'état. Peter Sloterdijk