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Evolution by accident

Evolution by accident and rectification

bonbonWest Teenager

We have seen, throughout this chapter devoted to the market. The values ​​and excesses of ultra-liberalism stimulate old primitive behavior, but at the same time constitute a formidable accelerator of universalization. The multiplication of violence and moral transgressions (consequence of the system of values ​​proposed) obliges humanity to evolve. It obliges it to create more and more effective forms of protection. This is the case, for example, with tele-surveillance cameras. These new protection systems, of course, lose freedoms, but also make it possible to reduce more and more the tendency to abuse of its congeners. It is evident that in the long run, a world entirely "monitored TV" would prevent most physical crimes from occurring.

In the no man's land

Everything is for the best in the best possible world ... Each soul represents exactly the entire universe. Leibniz.

Market drifts are a reality. But it is also a logic of the beginnings of globalization. According to the human division of time, we can consider ourselves in one of the many pivotal epochs of humanity. Our species is gradually abandoning its old system of religious prohibitions. Instead of establishing a system of lay prohibitions. An independent, international and much more just right.

* But is not every era hinge?

And we are, it seems, in the no man's land before this conversion. Because of the temptations sold by the market, man is subject to transgression. He has lost much of his moral self-censorship. It is not sufficiently retained by the legal system which is still too early on. It therefore accelerates the number of abuses, violence and transgressions. It thus obliges mankind to invent new means to protect man from man.

Perfect to present but perfectible

The possibility of establishing benefits from excesses in the market is possible. It shows the inexorable side of this "negative" movement for the "positive" evolution of humanity. But we find ourselves again, facing a paradox. Mankind indeed and perfect in the present while being perfectible (perfectibility, is the only human essence written Jean Jacques Rousseau). So, even if the excesses of the market finally work for the good of mankind, it is also necessary to fight them. To desire to annihilate them to evolve towards ever more humanity. Especially when the form of evolution by excess, generates such a number of human sacrifices.

Year 2002


Luis Bunuel, cineaste espagnol

Le travail est une malédiction quand on est obligé de le faire pour gagner sa vie il ne sert qu'à remplir les poches de ces cochons d'exploitants.
Seul le travail qu'on fait avec plaisir par vocation ennobli l'homme.
Tous les gens devraient pouvoir travailler de cette façon là.
Luis Bunuel tristana