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Of human society

A critique of ideologies

Ideologies, trends, impulses

When a company can not teach is that this company can not be taught. Charles Peguy

We titled this chapter " humanity." It is a kind of eccentric dependence mecaniqueuniverselle * .

* In fact, the major part of the site for philosophy. In other words, thinking about the overall development of humanity towards perfection.

Here we focus and foremost, the problems encountered in the evolution of human society. We observe the social, ideological and political progress in the human phenomenon. With a ( necessarily so unfair ) critical we try to detect obstacles to positive development. We will try to study the impulses and instincts that often spoil the great ideals . We observe trends and narcissism to understand their ways of degrading high ambitions . To damage the generous ideologies ( on paper), as are communism or liberalism ...

Ways to smoothly evolve

We then propose new ways of thinking. Fairer and more human like the 'symbiosis' pathways. Values ​​able to transform smoothly the current neo-liberalism . To keep in justice, benevolence, humanity, fraternity and equality . We will also reflect the influence of the "values ​​" of the market on human beings . The atmosphere it broadcasts on society and humans (via the mass media, now held by the trading system ) . We denounce the lack of benevolence market against people. His discriminating elitism and unconsciousness * .

* Just knowing of course, that the takeover market is an improvement over the previous leadership in the hands of warriors

We also look at the concept of "globalization." Its novelty for the human community . The solutions it gives hope and mechanical was derailing .


Critical to relativize

Jean Marc Tonizzo, oeuvre sur papier, ABC

Sore for goods

(...) For wisdom is in you, and this is the love of wisdom, appointed by the Greek philosophy that reading kindled in me. Saint Augustine

Philosophical speculations about the problems of companies, age very quickly ... Despite their visionary qualities, Plato, Aristotle or Kant proposed models today erroneous . They argued unbearable or unfair practices ( the aristocracy, slavery ) . If there is no comparison between the great philosophers and the poverty of my texts, the mechanism of aging is the same. That these works are intended to be quickly overwhelmed ...

On the other hand, these analyzes are often dependent. It is good to add intellectually the idea that " everything that happens is necessary for human evolution ." Ie human excess, differences of neo liberalism necessarily have an important purpose . A hidden meaning that will prove of course, over time.

written in 2001


Darwin et le darwinisme

Les espèces qui survivent ne sont pas les espèces les plus fortes, ni les plus intelligentes, mais celles qui s'adaptent le mieux aux changements. Charles Darwin