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Tendencies and conscience of others

The tendency to abuse of one’s congeners

Jean-Marc Tonizzo. Oeuvres sur papier. rapetasséThe humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

If the liberalism is not so positive than it would like to be, it is because of the power of the human tendencies.

Effectively, most of the main liberal theories have the purpose to do the whole humanity good. They offer means to preserve the society from the poverty, to protect the more fragile and to allow everyone to blooming. Unfortunately, these theories are systematically overwhelmed by the natural tendencies of the leaders, they are diverted by dominion desires…

The tendency to abuse others stills impregnate intensively the human personality. When this tendency does not meet enough resistance, and as we can see since 30 years, it ravages the social and moral gains, it brings back the humanity to a primate functioning … in other words, to the survival of the fittest.

The importance of the vigilance

In the next chapters, we will try to analyze where are situated the breaches of duty and the responsibilities that guided the leaders to these recent abuses. We will also study the influence of our drives on the progression of our activities. We can already understand the necessity to have a correct view of the human drives to anticipate the consequences of a too strong power given to the current leaders.

For example, if we had this kind of lucid vision when the market imposed on the main systems a few decades ago, we would have reinforced the mechanism able to contain the voracity of the sellers and avoid their ravages. Obviously, it’s no use regretting the past events, because as we told so much times: everything makes sense in the progression of the events, and what happened should happen this way.

Ever critic a posteriori can only be useful for correct our future acts. These 20 years of frenzied liberalism made a large quantity of damages, but these damages make sense. For example, they guide the humanity toward world solidarity (ex: creation of movements like “Attac”), they guide the humanity not to forget the environment, to be open to the universal conscience, to fight for our interdependence, to create new international laws, etc.

The systems don’t bring any real problem to the humanity; it is the power of the drives that guide the leaders to transgressions and to divert the purpose of the systems.

That’s the reason why we will begin with the study of the power and the influence of a few human tendencies, and principally those that one uses to assert himself at the cost of others.

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