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The negative tendencies

Drives and ideologies

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Jean-Marc Tonizzo. Oeuvres sur papier de riz. PoésieThe power of the “negative” tendencies has influence on the individual act as well as on the State decisions. These unconscious powers lead us to break the morality and the human rules. They lead us to sabotage utopias (the ideal communist is an example of that) and to divert the positivism of the progress. These abusive tendencies are also responsible for the divergence between a system such as it has been theoretically conceived and its effective result in practice.

Let’s take an example:

Theoretically, the liberalism seems to be the current best system for the social and technical progression of the humanity and for its unification. If the liberalism imposed on the communism, it is certainly because it responds nowadays to the level of the human drives. Effectively, the competition, when it is fair, stimulates the activity and the creativity. The free trade, if it would be honest and respectful of others, would permit the expansion of the poor countries. And the materialist values (stars, fashion, etc.) seem to be more influent to universalize the world young population than the ascetic values commended by spiritualities

Nevertheless, we can see that in a practical way, this system has also another face. It reveals to be imperialist, unfair, disrespectful of the morality, of the ethics, of the human laws, it makes the condition of the poor countries worse, assassin of the fragile population, which brings about genocides.

It prevents the emergence of the different forces of opposition (media, justice, syndicates, consumers associations …).

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