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Philosophy of the evolution

History of the tendencies, from the animal to the man

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Jean-Marc Tonizzo. Acrylique sur toile. Atomes dansantsLAccording to Darwin (and we agree with his point of view), the human being is descended from the animal world. He belongs to the primate branch and has a lot of similar tendencies than this branch (predation, dominion, aggressiveness, and also reconciliation, affection, friendship, etc. These tendencies, when related to the man, have slowly evolved.

At the first times of humanity, as all the natural primates, the men had to use principally their primary tendencies (clan attitude, dominion, aggressiveness) to survive to the hostility of their environment. Progressively, at the same cadence of the human evolution, the superior tendencies (altruism, peace wishes, fraternity, equality, universality) developed themselves. Slowly, they progressed until being more influential than the first ones.

The language, the conscience, factor of progress

For example, between the primate tribe from our origins and the contemporaneous humanity, the gradual development of the conscience, the language, the culture, the law, the morality, the social organizations, have progressively depreciated the primary tendencies, to the benefit of superior tendencies that allow us to find the capacity of loving.

Nowadays, a few millions of human beings succeed in cohabiting (enough peacefully) on an area where our natural primate ancestor hardly could cohabit with a few hundreds individuals (in part, because of the difficulty for our monkey cousin to control its aggressive and egocentric tendencies).

If the leader chimpanzee abuses its subordinates, steals their possessions and wants to keep just for itself the whole privileges, it is because it is submitted to its instincts and to a kind of organization necessary for his surviving and the group’s surviving.

The human being will leave primate inclinations

The man, on the contrary, left this natural way of living. Now, he has a large quantity of means at his disposal to control his primary tendencies.In conclusion, when a man takes advantage of his hierarchical position to abuser others or a group, he just acts like a main primate leader for who no conscience, no education nor morality stops.

For example, when a politician takes advantage of his function to get rich, to corrupt, to be corrupted or to abuse justice, he just acts instinctively like the leader chimpanzee which steals the food from the weakest. The power of this politician’s primary tendencies does not let him reach the superior part of his conscience.

He cannot reach, in his spirit, the areas where the moral conscience and the politic ethics (honesty, self-sacrifice, love of the people and of the justice).

Sister Emmanuelle