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Philosophy, trends and ideologies

Aristocracy, liberalism and Marxism

Jean-Marc Tonizzo. Oeuvres sur papier. Sans titreThe man moves between two main types of trends. Trends working directly what we call "good" (such as friendship, solidarity, sharing, love) and trends working in what we call "evil" (as selfishness, taste to predation, for domination, for the subjugation of others etc.).

Relative to the current of human history, the first (or those of the holy sage) may be called "progressive" (they can consider all other living beings, such as ourselves). And second, on the contrary could be considered reactionary insofar as they seek to return humanity to the original lines or fulfilling the law of the strongest (and they prevent the man to conceive and to admit that there may be a fundamental equality of human beings)... The majority of men lies between these two ends.

Political systems

Ideology is thought responsible for emotions that each of these two elements corrupts another. Jules MonnerotIdeology is thought responsible for emotions that each of these two elements corrupts another. Jules MonnerotCette scale trends can serve also to compare between different political ideologies they (feudalism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, monarchism, democracy..) and various social organizations practiced by humanity (fascism, capitalism, communism, socialism, liberalism).

Between the ideology of Nazism and resolutely egalitarian ideology of social anarchism considering each human being equal, there is the same difference between ancient Greek and future humanity.

Libéralism and communism

While in 1989, after 70 years of struggle with communism, evolution ultimately chooses liberalism to continue to evolve (USSR model was completely misguided) liberal ideology, theory is more archaic than Marxism. In my opinion, the original Marxism was a failed attempt foreshadowing the future of humanity (like Greek democracy first attempts have failed... too far ahead of their time).

Humanity is gradually moving towards a kind of communism completely re visited. Towards a society based on the ontological equality, sharing, cooperation and mutual Universal... But today, this social model is not suited to our real maturity.

Neo-liberalism: the return to the natural order

Depuis vingt ans, parc qu'il est trop éloigné des théories proposées par ses idéologues (Adam Smith, Hayek, Jeremy Bentham, Bastiat ou Stuart mill), et parce qu'il ne rencontre pas suffisamment de résistance, le néo libéralisme ramène l'humanité vers les tendances primaires, inégalitaires et violentes. Il restaure progressivement la loi de la jungle, le combat pour la survie, à tous les échelons et sur tous les continents. Et comme dans la nature, les individus vulnérables et fragiles sont maltraités ou éliminés. Voila pourquoi, le néo capitalisme tel qu'il est pratiqué aujourd'hui, est un système archaïque, un système de retour en arrière (retour nécessaire, sans doute, puisqu'il est).

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