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Mother Térésa, Sister Emmanuelle

Depreciation of the “bad” leaders

Jean-Marc Tonizzo. Oeuvres sur papier kraft. Américan Cinéma The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

To the famous “ever power exercise corrupts”, we can add another sentence: the exercise of power corrupts the corruptible, in other words, most of us… The ones for who the conscience dominates the tendencies resist to the corruption.

Facing all the good reasons not to resist to corruption, the capacity to oppose it is a real efficient way to estimate the evolution level of one individual. There is a big difference between the state of mind of the supporter of slavery and the state of mind of a man claming the abolition of this drive. A big difference between the real democrat and the one who is inclined to clans attitude, between the universal and the cast.

When the men compose hermetic clans to hoard privileges at the expense of most of the other men, they just imitate the way of functioning of these casts of primate leaders that live far from the group, stealing its stuffs, using it, and showing aggressiveness when their privileges are called into question. Even the charity actions that these leaders sometimes organize are not arguments in favor of their humanity… even the leader chimpanzee neglects a part of its loot when it is sated.

The real leaders: Sister Emmanuelle, Mother Térésa, Gandhi

The human segregator leaders, those for who the drives have more influence that the conscience, are the archaism of the dominion. The real human leaders use their natural tendency for the good of most of the people. And mainly for the good of the fragile part of the humanity, according to the laws, to the morality and to the human ethics (Mother Térésa, Sister Emmanuelle, Gandhi are some symbols of that).

But we cannot forget that the fight between superior and primary tendencies, between egoism and generosity, between hoarding and sharing, is the mainspring of construction (it is the guile of the reason mentioned by Hegel). The egoism and the clan attitude are thus necessary for the evolution of the humanity as the universality and the generosity.

However, and we also know that, to evolve towards always more humanity, the primary tendencies have to decline gradually in relation to the superior tendencies. Therefore, the humanity in evolution has the mission to be less selfish today than yesterday and much more than tomorrow. For that purpose, it is necessary to contest permanently this egoism. It is vital to rebel us against the reactionary groups eager to revalue the primary tendencies (it is the case of the current neo liberalism). We also have to oppose to all the castes which approve the development and the hardening of the hierarchies.

We have to fight against the attempts of restoration of aristocracies, accentuation of the disparities and destruction of “equality “(fundamental value of humanity).

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Partout et toujours, cherche sans te lasser le remède qui soulage, sème l'espoir : ça vivifie et ton amour peut faire des miracles soeur Emmanuelle.