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Love is in the atom

The creator is here

La transmission entre Dieu le pere et son fils de Michelange revu par Tonizzo

God in the immateriality of matter

Love is a sign of our misery. God can only love themselves. We can not love anything else. Simone Weil.

Several options are available to our imagination regarding creation.

A world without God

Either there is no God and creation obeys its own logic. He would then explain what can be made stable from this proposal. What sense would have to work for a species, for descendants, for our children, if another loss for us all slides in the nonsense and the sidereal void. Why not advocate a life of absolute selfishness ? What is to devote the greater part of his life at work ( for most of us in the abuse and contempt ) ? Why human society leaves she then framed by a moral, ethical constantly increasing. And to the detriment of our instinctual freedom ? It will also require that we explain why and how this world was created. Why has he a principle of evolution ? And why has he also this incredible ability we call love ?

A world in which the divine is independent

Second proposal : there is a creative principle (God) but is independent of it. But if this creative principle has no influence on its creation, does not hold the reins somehow, what it was used to create a completely independent world? At the risk of this world overwhelm, annihilate. And why would a creative principle he created an extraordinary system is capable through men to explain if its purpose was to be completely alien ?

A World inside the divine

Or there is a creative principle encompassing everything including its creation. This is, in outline, the view of Spinoza and this is also the point of view of mecaniqueuniverselle. Wiser seems indeed to design this stunning creation, immeasurable, limitless, overflowing all possible imaginations, as the work of a creative principle. On a watch like Voltaire (but a watchmaker whose blood irrigate every piece of its clock ).

The essence of God is Love

In our philosophy, the creator and not only the instigator of this universe, but it is also the universe and soul principle. It is this universe constituting the light of which all matter is made. It is the soul is the essence of what is in man love in its highest form. The absolute love, bliss, the supreme good which Plato speaks in the final stage of the Symposium.


Introduction to God

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