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The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Sense of the world

Rodin, le penseurEvolution of humanity

For more than a century, the big metaphysical questions seem to have left our main questioning. However, they did not disappear from the human mind. When the life places us, at a moment, out of the excitement of the world, the fundamental questions come back quickly and powerfully.

Does universe has a sense?
Does humanity has a sense?
Why am I in this world?
do our existence and our actions have a sense?
Is there something divine in the world?
What happens after the death?

Even if the market tries to hide these spiritual questioning under a big veil of noise, stress and compulsion, hard labor and insistently pleasure, these questions come back to our minds in our silences and when life slackens off.

Does world has a sense?

By watching TV and all the fears which are emitted by it, we can easily sink into a pessimistic vision of human evolution. It is easy to imagine our specie in decline and dedicated to its destruction. But we can also reveal there a positive evolution, a constant and global development of the condition of man. It looks like a successive passage, from stage to stage, guiding our specie towards its peaceful union and its real perfection. It is not humanity which is more and more nasty; it is our sensibility opposite evil which grows.... That is the point of view which we are going to support and develop here.

World values

Sense of evil

photo jean marc tonizzo, une rue distordueThe human monstrousness

Talking about positive evolution in this period of transition is difficult, especially after the human monstrousness of the 20th century. It is difficult because it is necessary to agree, at the same time, with these 3 paradoxical suggestions: thinking of "evil ", justifying the necessity of its presence and considering its presence as a scandal that needs to be eradicated. To leave this deadlock, it is necessary to consider "evil” as a supplementary element, in constant decline and which the only function is to develop "good". We also have to accept the paradox of evil considered necessary for human construction, and at the same time superfluous, so it declines gradually until completely disappear.

Evil, torture

Philosophers, humanists,

tonizzo jean marc, hartLet us observe the matter of torture for example.

It is an antique inhumanity still practiced nowadays. Television and Amnesty International reports are eloquent on this subject. Therefore, to demonstrate the positive progressof humanity in spite of the presence of torture, it is necessary to be able to say:

  • Humanity has not reached its threshold of perfection yet but it goes gradually towards this direction.
  • during millenniums, torture was a systematic means to obtain confession or to take some pleasure. It was an institutionalized and usual practice.
  • Gradually, following the evolution of the consciousness, this horror was questioned. Philosophers, humanists, monks, fought for its disappearance. Thanks to this long work of humanization, torture was forbidden, at first by Sweden in 1734, then by Germany, Norway and Denmark and finally by France in 1789.
  • Today most of countries forbade this custom.
  • The inhumanity of torture was unequivocal for the humanity because it is the only big inhuman behavior to be explained in the international papers (even if some white collars executioners seem to look by all the means to restore it a legal motive or to minimize its importance).
  • Today, torture still exists, but it is forbidden. Practicing it or to giving orders to somebody else to do it, is punished by the law. Thus, that shows evolution.
  • Day after day, numerous human beings work on the disappearance of this sadistic perversion.
  • And finally, as the torture left human customs, its practice acts against itself. In fact, when fortunately, individuals reveal its presence, it engenders a real scandal at the level of the world opinions obliging the dominant to justify itself, to apologize.

So, even if the torture still exists in the 20th century, showing our real level of evolution and even if certain democracies divert the laws to practice it, its progressive decline cannot be questioned. And it is valid for all the fields where evolution of the humanity takes place.

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