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Why the human specie

When we were natural primates

oeuvre d'art jean marc tonizzothe culture, the technique and the éducation

When we were natural primates, our spirit lived out of time as we know it today. It was immersed in a sort of carefreeness and of immediacy that were identical to the attitude of the natural primates.

Gradually, our specie achieved the temporality and its neighboring powers: the faculty of intentionally plan ourselves to the past and to the future for example; or the faculty of accumulate knowledge and to pass on it; or the faculty of judge or own acts to learn how to control them. All these news "abilities", opened us the access to the culture, to the civilization and to the progress. Shaped by these cultural tools, some inflexible sides of our primativeness (aggressiveness, egocentricity, clannishness, dominion-submission) weaken for the benefit of more peaceful, creative, social and spiritual behaviors. We think that eventually, the culture, the technique and the éducation, will succeed in liberate the man from the contingencies of the nature, from the aggressive drives and the fears resulting from the questions without answers. In other words, the progress eventually should succeed in set the man free of all its agonies. When the environment, the questioning and the behavior will be controlled, the humanity will have reached the peace, the serenity and the carefreeness. This state of peace, serenity, peace of mind, is well known by philosophers and mystics. It is expressed in different ways: bliss, nirvana, supreme happiness, ataraxia, enjoyment or rapture and it is considered as a state of full presence in the world, of immediate fullness. For the religion and for a large part of philosophers, it represents the highest level of the evolution of the spirit. Such is the perfection to which the humanity is going, according to our theory.

Back at the immediate

State of psychic immediacy

jean marc tonizzo oeuvreThe spirit of the blissful

We think that this perfection humanity is joining corresponds in an evolution to a state of psychic immediacy. In other words, the spirit of the blissful, of the rapturous, is immersed into an absolute present. He is free from the "cultural time", from the clock used by the "ordinary" man to elaborate the world. It would therefore be a question of a sort of return to the timeless of our natural previous history. But there is a big difference between the psychic immediacy lived by the natural primate and the psychic immediacy lived by a man in raptures. Definitely, between these two forms of immediacy, the humanity will have given up its aggressive drives, the dangers, the questionings and the ego. The reason is that all these psychic processes do not let our monkey cousin reach the bliss in spite of a spirit immersed in immediacy.


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