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Summary of my Philosophy

The perfection is the future of the history and human

goncharovaThe humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

Facing so much violence and genocidal behaviors, the sensitive man imagines his world managed by the absurd and the chaos, the humanity unavoidably destined to his own disaster. With this work, we try exactly to demonstrate the opposite. It is an explanation to make clearer the natural and inevitably attraction of our specie to its last step of perfection beyond the puerile aggressiveness of our primary feelings. We were natural primates, we are builders men, we go towards the accomplished human being, here is the basic triptych on which is going to become established our theory. Some people consider the existence of the big monkeys (gorillas, chimpanzees, Bonobos, orangutans) more enviable, in certain ways, than the human existence.

Our natural primate cousins seem effectively carefree, free, friendly, respectful of their environment, lacking in perversion and incapable to imagine the war. From his part, the man shows sometimes to be “wilder", more “bestial”, he is often very far from the Homo sapiens (the wise and reasonable man) that he affirms he is. Because of this terrible side of the human being, some people consider the appearance of the man as an "accident", an "error of nature".

Philosophy of happiness..

and of love.. Obviously,

jackson pollockwe do not share this point of view.

According to our theory, on the contrary, the way of life of our monkeys cousins are not so enviable. Subjected to the whims of their instincts, of the dominant, the predators and the climate, they are incapable to ask the question of the sense of their presence in the world.

The man, on the contrary, by leaving the realm of the nature, succeeded in exceeding these limits. Our recent appearance in the big evolutionary chain of the life, has thus a first meaning: develop the alive out of the constraints of the nature. But the new things brought by our specie to “the magic quest of the alive ", do not stop there. They include much higher, much nobler and more spiritual contributions.

The evolution to the spiritual,

the rapture

kilimnikActually, not only our specie improves its behavior, its environment and its questioning, but all this singular progress, according to our theory, guides the humanity to a particular purpose: the supreme wisdom, in other words " the bliss, the rapture ".

This evolution of our specie to "the absolute love" is difficult to recognize. The presence of the "evil" hides its subtle signs. And nevertheless, to reach the good, the human being needs this opposite value. Therefore, until we succeed in turn ourselves into "the accomplished human being", the evil will certainly be necessary as a part of the elements of our evolution.

The necessity of the evil

This negative value results from the conflict between our desires to live some drives and the morality which condemns them. Every single human being is composed of drives. According to the main human values, some drives are considered as positive (it is the case of the love, the friendship, the mutual aid and the parental love) the others are considered as negative (desire of dominion, aggressive tendencies, predation, hoarding of the privilèges). The humanity left the nature to go beyond many constraints. The humanity has to free itself from the necessities of its environment, from its own uncontrolled behavior, and resolve its questionings.

Control of the environment, the behavior and the questioning, are three tasks to be carried out by the man to reach his perfection. The perfection we mean is a state of wisdom and awakening. It is the holiness, the rapture, the nirvana, about which talks the Hinduism, the Buddhism, the Judaism, the Christianity, the Islam and most of the philosophers.

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