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Sense of rapture

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection. Hapiness

Generally speaking, why would the humanity go to the bliss?

Because the universal access to the rapture, to the bliss, has to allow ry human being:

To reach the situation all around of which the humanity can vibrate in accord, the diapason on which the human specie can get without error (the ecstatic sensation is the same for all and all other sensations are subjective).
To feel ourselves inside, to become “one and the whole” at the same time.
To feel the substance, what exists by one and in itself …in the ecstatic position the subjective consciousness and the ego disappear for the benefit of the internal consciousness of the body, it is this one who lives and feels in us and not this outside and subjective subject which guided permanently in what we call the reality.
To enter in connection with the essence of the creation, with the creative principle. In the situation of bliss, the spirit of the human being becomes the spirit of what the religions name the divine.
To reach the absolute freedom and the truth.
To transcend the death (see the last chapter)

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Jean mar tonizzo "A mes adrénalines" 1990