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Philosophy. The humanity has a sense

The humanity is destined to reach its perfection.

According to the main thesis of our philosophy, the humanity has a sense, a direction; it evolves towards its perfection.

To reach this sort of highlight, the man has to manage well and gradually three elements:

1/His temperament: the man representing a danger for himself and the others.
2/His environment: this one also generating some danger for him.
3/His questioning: these arousing many anxieties as he is more and more conscious.

The dlopment of the progress (philosophy, social, ethics, psychology, technique, science) will allow the man to master these three element, and thus to reach the "world peace", the “ideal comfort” and the “peace of mind”.

This ultimate ll marks the crowning of the humanity. In other words, it is the access for ry human being in the absolute Happiness of the rapture, of the bliss, of the nirvana.

Reaching this sublime ll makes sense:

a) It will allow to realize the human unity around an identical experience for all (an objective and physical experience and not subjective and interpreted - it is the body which lives the bliss and not the intellect).

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